Checker’s Nutrition

Checker’s Prices

FoodSize / VarietyCaloriesFatCarbsProtein


All American Cheeseburger360153717
All American Hamburger310123715
Bacon All American Cheeseburger430223821
Bacon Checker/Rallyburger w/ Cheese440224021
Bacon Cheddar Crisp390173920
Bacon Cheddar Crisp Double560303932
Bacon Crispy Cheese Double790544632
Bacon Roadhouse680473729
BBQ Bacon Buford890555442
Big BLT370173916
Big Buford660393938
Bowl of Chili w/ Cheese,12 FO430242924
8 FO270151816
Bowl of Chili12 FO380202623
8 FO250141715
Buttery Steak690464224
Buttery Steak & Bacon760534328
Checker/Rallyburger Burger w/ Cheese360153918
Cheddar Burger310133415
Cheese Champ430213922
Cheese Double480253827
Cheese Double Cheese530293829
Chili Cheese Dog410233415
Chili Cheeseburger340143617
Chili Dog390223315
Chili, 1 FO301.522
Double BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger650404131
Double Checkerburger w/ Cheese490253927
Double Fry Lover’s670394928
Double Mushroom Swissburger470253528
Double Olive Burger500263925
Fry Lover’s Bacon Double740455032
Fry Lover’s Burger440204818
Hot Dog360203013
Montreal Steak Burger680454524
Montreal Steak Burger with Bacon760514528
Mushroom Swissburger350153518
Olive Burger370173815
Philly Cheesesteak Sub w/ Montreal Mayo600364624
Tacos (2)440243525
Texas Bacon Buford840554142


$2 Chicken Bites and Fries Box710406424
5 Chicken WingsPlain35023235
Angry Buffalo36023335
Asian Kick430232135
Garlic Parmesan51040335
Honey BBQ430231935
Medium Buffalo36023335
10 Chicken WingsPlain69044468
Angry Buffalo71045669
Asian Kick840454269
Garlic Parmesan101079669
Honey BBQ840443869
Medium Buffalo70045569
20 Chicken WingsPlain1380898136
Angry Buffalo14209113137
Asian Kick16808984138
Garlic Parmesan203015813139
Honey BBQ16908976138
Medium Buffalo14109110137
5 PC Chicken Nuggets250161412
1/4 Lb. Chicken Bites, No Sauce380242021
Bacon Crispy Cheese Chicken770515422
Big Chicken Deluxe460224918
Big Chicken Sandwich410184816
Crispy Chicken Fillet350114221
Crispy Fish Sandwich530295215
Deep Sea Double570335217
Double Spicy Chicken550284827
Franks Buffalo Chicken430234215
Grilled Chicken Salad2804.53035
Grilled Chicken Sandwich460243130
Half Pound Chicken Bites760484041
Premium Chicken Club Sandwich730494922
Rotisserie Grilled Chicken Sandwich3103.53932
Spicy Chicken Deluxe390174117
Spicy Chicken Sandwich340134015
Ultimate Crispy Chicken570345114


Angry Buffalo1 FO10010
Asian Kick1 FO800190
Parmesan Garlic1 FO1601711
Honey BBQ Sauce1 FO800170
Medium Buffalo Sauce1 FO5010
Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce1 each2302421
Ranch Dipping Sauce1 each2102321


Apple Pie127012383
Classic Banana12 FO2608445
16 FO35010587
22 FO46013779
32 FO7002011714
Classic Chocolate12 FO2708456
16 FO38011648
22 FO470137910
32 FO7202012015
Classic Strawberry12 FO2608435
16 FO35010577
22 FO46013759
32 FO6902011414
Classic Vanilla12 FO2208335
16 FO29010447
22 FO39013579
32 FO590208714
Loaded Funnel Cake- Strawberry27015322
Loaded Milkshake- Banana Split16 oz3509645
22 oz540121017
32 oz8001815110
Cake Cone20040
Soft ServeChocolate1404.5213
Sundae Stacker, Strawberry Cheesecake3406854
Waffle Cone900.5191
Sundae Stacker, Oreo Fudge35012564
Mango Smoothie16 fl oz3602891
21 fl oz4402.51072
Orange Smoothie16 fl oz3402842
21 fl oz42031003
Strawberry Smoothie16 fl oz3402831
21 fl oz4202.5992
Caramel Cheesecake Crunch with TwixLoaded Shake Small46021607
Sundae Stacker37017505
Kool-Aid Slushie Tropical PunchRegular220000
Kool-Aid Slushie Blue RaspberryRegular220000


Large Fries59029748
Extra Large Fries9104511512
Medium Fries50024637
Small Fries39019495
Value Fries26013333
Chili Cheese Fries59030729
Fully Loaded Fries870567219
Onion Rings720417810
Cheese Sauce352.520
Grilled Onions10020