Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition

Buffalo Wild Wings Prices



All-Star Sampler, with Naked or Crispy Tenders2170/2450130/149181/21270/64
Add Signature Sauce - 2 fl. oz70-2800-284-400-2
Beer-Battered Onion Rings,
with Southwestern Ranch Dressing
Big Twist Pretzel, with Queso11503816438
Buffalo Chips58027768
Cheddar Cheese Curds, with Southwestern Ranch
Chicken Quesadilla1050636758
Chili Queso Dip, with Tortilla Chips12206213431
Chips and Salsa8503711813
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp500205919
Add Cocktail Sauce - 2 fl. oz.500111
Add Signature Sauce - 2 fl. oz70-2800-284-400-2
French Fries66031888
Fried Pickles, with Southwestern Ranch Dressing90069637
House Sampler248014622569
Add Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing - 1.5 fl. oz.210/24022/252/20/1
Add Signature Sauce - 2 fl. oz.70-2800-284-400-2
Mini Corn Dogs, with Bourbon Honey Mustard780428118
Mozzarella Sticks, with Marinara650325933
Potato Wedges750389012
Roasted Garlic Mushrooms,
with Southwestern Ranch Dressing
Spinach Artichoke Dip, with Tortilla Chips1150621219
Street Tacos560362931
Ultimate Nachos12906314337
Add Grilled Chicken1303126
American Cheese28020812
Blue Cheese Crumbles42034524
Cheddar Cheese34028221
Cheddar Jack Cheese34027421
Pepper Jack Cheese31026117
Queso Cheese22014158
Swiss Cheese21016116
Buffalo Seasoning5010
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning5010
Desert Heat Seasoning5010
Lemon Pepper Seasoning5010
Salt and Vinegar Seasoning5010
Bacon Bits120819

Boneless Wings

Snack Size add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning660345435
Add Asian Zing1200301
Add Blazin’100841
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard1101.5241
Add Caribbean Jerk1003.3161
Add Honey BBQ1000260
Add Hot70641
Add Hot BBQ502.571
Add Mango Habanero1201280
Add Medium504.530
Add Mild80730
Add Parmesan Garlic1901842
Add Spicy Garlic70651
Add Sweet BBQ700151
Add Teriyaki900213
Add Thai Curry2102161
Add Wild70640
Add Buffalo5010
Add Chipotle BBQ5010
Add Desert Heat5010
Add Lemon Pepper5010
Add Salt & Vinegar5010
Small Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning1000518252
Add Asian Zing1600401
Add Blazin’1301161
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard1502322
Add Caribbean Jerk1304.5211
Add Honey BBQ1400341
Add Hot100861
Add Hot BBQ703.5101
Add Mango Habanero1601371
Add Medium70640
Add Mild1101041
Add Parmesan Garlic2502461
Add Spicy Garlic100862
Add Sweet BBQ900211
Add Teriyaki1300284
Add Thai Curry2802881
Add Wild100861
Add Buffalo5010
Add Chipotle BBQ5010
Add Desert Heat5010
Add Lemon Pepper5010
Add Salt & Vinegar5010
Medium Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning14907712378
Add Asian Zing2500601
Add Blazin’1901791
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard2302.5482
Add Caribbean Jerk2007321
Add Honey BBQ2100521
Add Hot1501281
Add Hot BBQ1105151
Add Mango Habanero2401.5560
Add Medium110961
Add Mild1601571
Add Parmesan Garlic3803793
Add Spicy Garlic1501191
Add Sweet BBQ1300311
Add Teriyaki1900415
Add Thai Curry43042112
Add Wild1501391
Add Buffalo5010
Add Chipotle BBQ5
Add Desert Heat5020
Add Lemon Pepper5020
Add Salt & Vinegar5010
Large Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning1990102163105
Add Asian Zing3300.5792
Add Blazin’25023122
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard3003.5653
Add Caribbean Jerk2609431
Add Honey BBQ2800691
Add Hot19016111
Add Hot BBQ1407192
Add Mango Habanero3202.5740
Add Medium1401191
Add Mild2101991
Add Parmesan Garlic50049124
Add Spicy Garlic19015122
Add Sweet BBQ1800.5412
Add Teriyaki2500557
Add Thai Curry57056152
Add Wild20017121
Add Buffalo10010
Add Chipotle BBQ10020
Add Desert Heat10020
Add Lemon Pepper10020
Add Salt & Vinegar5010

Traditional Wings

Snack Size, add Signature Sauce or Dry Seasoning36020044
Add Asian Zing800200
Add Blazin’60630
Add Bourbon Honey Mustard801161
Add Caribbean Jerk702.5110
Add Honey BBQ700170
Add Hot50430
Add Hot BBQ35250
Add Mango Habanero800.5190
Add Medium35320
Add Mild50520
Add Parmesan Garlic1301231
Add Spicy Garlic50430
Add Sweet BBQ450100
Add Teriyaki600142
Add Thai Curry1401441
Add Wild50430
Add Buffalo5010
Add Chipotle BBQ5010
Add Desert Heat5010
Add Lemon Pepper5010
Add Salt & Vinegar5010

Little Buffalos

Boneless Wings330-44017-2727-3017-18
Add Signature Sauce - 1 fl. oz.35-1400-142-200-2
Crispy Chicken Tenders420-70021-4931-3927-28
Add Signature Sauce - 2 fl. oz.70-2800-284-400-2
Mac & Cheese540285219
Mini Corn Dogs31020248
Naked Chicken Tenders140-4201-290-832-34
Add Signature Sauce - 2 fl. oz. 70-2800-284-400-2
Traditional Wings290-39016-260-336
Add Signature Sauce - 1/2 fl. oz15-700-71-100-1
Carrot Sticks20050
Celery Sticks15021
French Fries33015444
Mandarin Oranges40090
Lowfat Chocolate Milk1502.5257
Lowfat White Milk800117
Apple Juice800180
Grapefruit Juice600131
Orange Juice700201
Pineapple Juice800191
Diet Pepsi0000
Dr Pepper600170
Mist Twst600160
Mountain Dew700190
Mug Root Beer600180

Fast Break Lunch

Boneless Wings, Snack/Small, with Signature Sauce/
Chicken Street Tacos560362931
Classic Chicken Wrap, with Grilled Chicken Breast or
Crispy Tenders
Add Signature Sauce - 2 fl. oz.70-2800-284-400-2
Garden Salad, with Lemon Vinaigrette37025297
Garden Chicken Salad, with Lemon Vinaigrette and
Grilled Chicken or Crispy Tenders with Signature
Grilled Chicken Buffalito - 1 ea250111920
Add Signature Sauce - 1 fl. oz.35-1400-142-200-2
Add cheese50-903.5-70-42-5
Hickory Pulled Pork Sandwich10404312338
Honey BBQ Chicken Salad, with Honey BBQ Ranch
Naked or Crispy Tenders - 4 ea190/5601.5/280/4143/36
Add Signature Sauce - 2 fl. oz70-2800-284-400-2
Southwest Philly Sandwich680334946
Traditional Wings, Snack/Small, with Signature
Buffalo Chips29014384
Caesar Side Salad, with Light Caesar Dressing33021308
Chips and Salsa53023738
French Fries33015444
Loaded Cup of Chili440271928
Potato Wedges37019456
Garden Side Salad, with Lemon Vinaigrette37025297
Boneless Wings, with Signature Sauce or Seasoning
Traditional Wings, with Signature Sauce or Seasoning
Loaded Ice Cream49021716
Mini Chocolate Fudge Cake32011563
Ginger Lemonade1500380
Blueberry Mint Lemonade2000500
Strawberry Lemonade2000490
Black Cherry Limeade2200550
Citrus Limeade1600420


Peach Smash2100310
Cucumber Cooler1800240
Very Berry Mule1800210
Black Cherry Mojito2500400
Buffalo Zoo2400300
Knockout Punch3600571
Top Shelf Long Island Ice Tea2900350
B-Dubs Bloody Mary150292
Strawberry Kick Coronarita3100391
Cerveza Mary1900.5162
Apple Jack Cider2200300
Bourbon Blueberry Daiquiri3500640
Strawberry Daiquiri3903650
Frozen Blue Hawaiian3908522
Bahama Mama2300341
House Margarita, available frozen or on the rocks2700350
Twisted Frozen Margarita3900661
Top Shelf Margarita2500310
Blue Wave Margarita2700370
Strawberry Margarita3200470
Platinum Margarita2600370