Subway Puts More Emphasis On Veggies

Subway is intensifying its plans of using marketing campaigns that draw attention to how they are different from their competitors in the quick serve restaurant industry. This they do over and above their continuing market-specific advertisements and marketing campaigns.

In May this year, Subway launched its first brand specific advertisements. The tagline, “Bread is on the Rise at Subway” conveys the message that Subway restaurants made fresh bread every day. In addition, the marketing campaign stresses that the breads used in the restaurants have added calcium and vitamin D.

SubwaySubway has once again introduced a new marketing campaign, introduced by the creatives at NMB, an agency based in Boston. The new campaign highlights the restaurant’s use of vegetables and will run alongside the bread advertisements. This was confirmed by Subway’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Pace.

Pace, confirming that the bread campaign has successfully conveyed their message and have provided great results in brand awareness and social media states, “In a very crowded and competitive marketplace, you need to do everything you can to stand out.”

And though Pace kept mum about naming the competition, the ground breaking efforts of Subway to promote healthy, fresh eating has successfully set the restaurant apart from other quick serve restaurants. Subway’s campaigns to promote quality, variety and freshness inspired fast food restaurants to revamp their fresh food offerings.

The new marketing campaigns encourage guests to “get your veggie on” when they visit Subway. The campaign highlights the variety of fresh vegetables in the stores. In addition, guests are invited to be creative with their sandwiches since they get to choose their own vegetables to put in their sandwiches.

The new thirty-second TV commercial features store associates preparing huge amounts of vegetables, and a couple with a young boy choosing among the vegetables that are made fresh in the store. There is also a voice over that goes: “At Subway, we’re seriously into veggies,” and “we’re all about finding unique veggies that give your sandwich even more life, like avocado, spinach and red onion.” Red onion and spinach are included in the standard vegetable options, available all year in stores. Avocado however, is seasonally available and is the only vegetable option that has a small extra charge when added to the sandwich or salad.

The TV commercial aired for the first time during prime time August 3rd. It will continue to air, alternating with the bread commercial, for several months in cable and national networks. The great thing about the message being conveyed is that the TV commercials could be used over an extended period of time and even years. In addition to the TV commercials, both veggie and bread campaigns can be seen in printed ads. General circulation and targeted publications can also look forward to the print ads for months to come.

Although Subways runs ads in publications like USA Today on a regular basis where current marketing efforts are highlighted, this is the first time the restaurant advertised in target-specific magazines. Pace adds that print advertisements continue to be a successful tool for them to reach their target audience. Magazine ads help them show the colorful array of Subway vegetables, further enhancing their marketing campaign.

Apart from their TV commercials, magazine advertisements and promoting the veggie campaign through social media, Subway also will explore paid digital advertising options. The ads would include new formats and traditional methods, with Pace identifying Subway’s expanding list of unique online series as a pattern of its original marketing efforts.

The vegetable campaign is a part of Subway’s commitment to participate with the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America and Let’s Move campaign. This project aims to encourage young children to make healthier food options. The project involves campaigns that will encourage eating more fruits and vegetables among children. Subway after all, frequently uses the phrase “Pile on the veggies” in their campaigns. Subways also have its own menu offering for kids, all of which is compliant with the standards of federal nutrition set for the national school lunch program.

Sam Kass, White House chef and executive director for Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, said that “Subway is raising the bear for what a responsible, quick-service restaurant can do to help support the health of the nation.”

Another recent marketing campaign by Subway is to partner with the Disney movie. By partnering with “The Muppets Most Wanted” movie, Muppet themed toys are included in Subway kids’ meals. Some say that this is Subway’s healthier version of the McDonald’s happy Meal.

There are also in-store promos and games for kids such as “Playtime Powered by Veggies” which gives more attention to the “choose your own veggies” marketing effort. This is the largest marketing campaign Subway had undertaken for kids meals in an effort to teach kids that eating vegetables is better than eating french fries or cheeseburgers.

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