The History of Little Caesars and Little Caesars Pizza Kit

In the field of high quality pizza, Little Caesars is one of the most favorite names. The pizza chain is a famous name which serves an appetizing lineup of quality pizzas and sides. Their menu has your favorite pizza classics and some modern variations to match the changing tastes of today’s society. What’s great about Little Caesars is not just the taste and quality products and dining experience they offer. With their Little Caesars pizza kit, they are now even able to extend a helping hand to those in need through fundraising efforts.

A Little Caesars Backgrounder

In the United States, Little Caesars is estimated to be the 3rd largest chain and they have their headquarters in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, in the Fox Theater. It was in 1959 when Little Caesars was founded by the couple Marian and Mike Ilitch. Initially, their very first location was in a strip mall located in Garden City in Michigan. Mike wanted to call their store “Pizza Treat” but Marian who considered Mike as her “Little Caesar” had the final say on what their store will be called.

To this day, that very first Little Caesars store is still open, and their company is now notorious for the “Pizza! Pizza!” catchphrase which they introduced in 1979. This catchphrase came from their gimmick of offering two pizzas for the price of one from one of the competitors. Apart from pizza, they also have hot dogs, fish, shrimp, and chicken.

There was a time when their profits began to dwindle during the 1990s, but in 1998, they were even able to open their store in Africa. Come 2004, they began to offer the “Hot-N-Ready” which is their $5-pizza larger than the others and topped with pepperoni. This turned out to be a very successful venture and the business has regained stability since then.

What is Inside the Little Caesars Pizza Kit?

Little Caesars pizzaFor lovers of pizza who would like to enjoy the Little Caesars goodness at home, you can purchase their pizza kit which includes all the ingredients you need to come up with a bonafide Little Caesars pizza. By purchasing a pizza kit, you can prepare your chosen pizza in less than ten minutes. Since all of the ingredients are packaged individually, you can simply refrigerate the ingredients you choose not to use in the meantime and save it for some other day. These Little Caesars pizza kits come at great value and will be enough to make at least 3 of their family-sized pizza at the comfort of your own home.

They offer different pizza kits and surely, you favorites will be included in the package. They have the pepperoni pizzas, the famous Crazy Bread, Italian Cheese Bread, personal-sized pizza packages, whole wheat pizzas, Cone Kits, their variety meal kits, and many others. You can choose from the different flavorful products they have and be assured of the freshness and nutrition each time.

The Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraisers

The Little Caesars pizzaEvery year, Little Caesars helps thousands of sports teams, schools, day cares, churches, as well as other non-profit organizations or groups to achieve success in their different fundraising goals through the pizza kits they offer. Their goal is to provide high quality food items while making a fun and successful fundraiser possible.

For fundraising purposes, Little Caesars offers more than 20 different kinds of pizza kits, sweet treat Cone Kits, and Cookie Dough Kits among others. Because of the many options they offer, people who attend the fundraiser will surely have something they will like and those who organized it can profit from it!

Since the main goal of fundraising is to gather funds for whatever purposes they may have, Little Caesars helps promote awareness of the cause with their easily recognizable brand which can give your organization the benefit of being noticed too. For every kit you get to sell, you can make as much as $7 and the minimum earnings you can get is at $5—not bad at all for every sale you make!

Little Caesars aims to make the fundraising opportunity easier for you by working to have the most convenient schedule possible once you have registered for their fundraiser. Your active selling period can last from 2-3 weeks to give you as much opportunity as you can to raise more funds for your cause. Once you have registered and completed the steps, the Little Caesars pizza kits can be delivered to you within 1-2 hours. What’s excellent about their setup is that the proceeds of your fundraising is yours immediately!

They also have absolutely no hidden fees so you can rest assured that your fundraiser is as transparent as it can get when it comes to the costs. Add to that, the sales materials are all for free and they also give you the chance to make use of the tools and resources they provide online so that you can make the most out of your fundraiser and bolster its success.

Their fundraiser experts will be ready to assist you with your concerns when you call them at their toll-free number or you can simply request for the information you need by checking out this page.

Little Caesars works to help fundraisers who are non-profit organizations based in the United States as well as in Alberta and Ontario, Canada. Their efforts for fundraising has helped daycares, preschools, youth clubs, church groups, and sports teams raise an accumulated amount of more than a million dollars since 1997. The process they have to get started is easy, and with the fun options and product variety that they offer, starting a successful fundraiser is easier with Little Caesars.

They have all the information you need initially when you want to learn more about their fundraising program and you can always request for additional information from them by clicking the link for more information which was previously given. Little Caesars pizza kits may be the opportunity you have always been looking for to raise the amount you need!

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