Chicken Express – Treating Southern States with a Great Tasting Menu

Although they are the same kind of meat, fresh chicken tastes better than frozen chicken, even if the latter is cooked with elaborate dressings. Not too many people know the difference, but those who do, go to Chicken Express because they know that this restaurant only serves fresh, not frozen chicken.

Chicken Express serves chicken meat served that are precisely marinated, dipped in a unique batter mix and cooked to perfection. The final product is a hot and juicy chicken with flavoring that is only found at Chicken Express.

A Look at Chicken Express’ History

Stuart Group, Inc., a company owned by Richard and Nancy Stuart started Chicken Express in 1988. This is after the duo gained approximately a decade of experience operating another franchise. They opened their first Chicken Express restaurant in Benbrook, Texas.

ChickenExpressBoxThe couple expanded their business by being one of the very first fast food chains to deliver their customers’ orders. Their slogan “Our chicken can’t fly, so we deliver” got their business moving to where they want it to be.

Their delivery business took off successfully and spread the word around and helped their product brand gain prominence in their area. This enabled the company from 1990 to 1994 to have all new franchises adopt the dine-in, drive-thru, or “delivery” concept.

With the expanded stores as their base of operations, the company’s major customer base became the drive-through, dine-in, carhop (as select stores) and also catering for all types of occasions or tailgating event.

At present, Chicken Express serves fried chicken catfish, chicken tenders and side dishes. This fast food chain is also popular for their iced tea and sells it by the gallon. The company’s headquarters is currently located in Burleson, Texas, and its stores are in more than 200 locations in Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Popular Menus of Chicken Express

Aside from its highly delicious fresh chicken menus, this fast food chain provides fast and friendly service. This home of the legendary Express Tenders and Chicken E Sweet Tea has many food options that are popular to those who regularly patronize their stores.

Their most popular menus include Express Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken Combo, Crispy Combo, Express Appetizers, various kinds of salads, and Express Oriental Grill.

This restaurant also serves Express Subs and Burgers, Express Breakfast, Express Drinks, Express Juice and Express Cocktail.

Recognition Received by Express Chicken

A restaurant that offers good food and excellent service will eventually get the attention they deserve. On September 14, 2014, the Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce unveiled its new logo and also presented its annual awards to deserving business enterprises in its jurisdiction.

One of the highlights of the event is the granting of the Business of the Year Award to Chicken Express. The award was given to Chicken Express for its accomplishment in starting its operation in 1988, to being a regional franchise with more than 190 stores in five states.

More importantly, the owners of Chicken Express, have given those who started with the company, the opportunity to operate their own franchise. Additionally, the company continues to support its communities through sponsorships and partnerships of community events and worthwhile organizations.

Latest News on Chicken Express

Chicken Express is not resting on its laurels. It is poised to grow even bigger with the help of Buxton, a consulting firm that provides business solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Last June, Chicken Express has renewed its contract with Buxton, as it continues to expand across the southern United States. Chicken Express will utilize the SCOUT 3.0 platform of Buxton to guide site selection decisions based on core customer demography.

“Chicken Express has experienced tremendous growth in recent years,” stated Nancy Stuart, co-founder of Chicken Express and vice president of Stuart Group Inc. “Buxton’s site-selection analytics give us the information we need to make more strategic market planning decisions,” she added.

“We are delighted to continue working with Chicken Express,” said Stephen Polanski, senior vice president at Buxton. “Customer analytics is a powerful tool for franchisors such as Chicken Express, and we look forward to helping them achieve their long-term expansion goals,” he explained.

Being a client of Buxton, Chicken Express can choose to have a customized predictive model and also gain access to Buxton’s web-based SCOUT platform. Through this platform, Chicken Express will be able to examine potential locations, create unlimited market expansion scenarios and run demographic reports.

As a Buxton client, Chicken Express also has access to a customized predictive model, as well as access to Buxton’s web-based SCOUT platform. Through SCOUT, Chicken Express will be able to analyze potential sites, run demographic reports, and create unlimited market expansion scenarios.

Currently, there are more than 208 Chicken stores in the southern states. This is besides their catering services which are often used by churches, schools, reunion, tailgates and all kinds of activities.

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