Starbucks Secret Menu Twix Frappuccino Review

Starbucks Secret Menu Twix Frappuccino
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These times are uncertain, and we’re all learning new ways to go about our days, while we practice social distancing and solidarity for our communities. Luckily, fast food restaurants and drive-thru services have stepped up their game and are increasingly available to help us enjoy some of our favorite meals and drinks. It’s important to keep our spirits high, and while I now have three kids at home 100% of the time, it’s these little treats that give me a nice break in my day. Starbucks always has a delicious drink to try, but have you experimented with their Secret Menu?  The Twix Frappuccino is a drink featured on Starbucks’ secret menu, and I was happy to taste this candy bar in a cup. (So were my kids!)

Why a Twix-inspired Frappuccino?

Starbucks has been creating new frappuccino flavors for more than 20 years, but their ingenuity never ends. I appreciate that Starbucks can take a flavor or snack item that we already love and spin it into a delicious drink – in this case, Twix. Twix candy bars are an American favorite, made by coating sweet crunchy cookies with thick caramel and milk chocolate. Yum. Who wouldn’t want to drink that?

What’s the Twix Frap Secret Recipe?

A seasoned barista will probably know how to prepare the Twix Frappuccino, but just in case, here is the secret recipe. 

  • Caramel Frappuccino 
  • 1-2 Pumps Caramel Syrup
  • 1-2 Pumps Hazelnut Syrup
  • Java Chips
  • Caramel sauce & Mocha Drizzle
  • Whipped cream, blended in

For an even more authentic Twix taste, grab a cookie!

Starbucks Twix Frappuccino with a Cookie

Starbucks Twix Frappuccino Review

This indulgent iced drink tastes like the world’s best candy bar. It’s creamier than the Caramel Frappuccino, which is the base of this drink because the whipped cream is blended in. Java chips give it a nice crunch and texture, reminiscent of biting into a Twix candy bar. The hazelnut and caramel syrups add that smooth buttery taste, and the drizzled mocha and caramel on top complete the richness of the Twix Frap. 

1. Taste and Texture [4/5]

The Starbucks Twix Frappuccino is a Secret Menu item, so you won’t see it on the daily menu or even on the website. The drink itself is the Caramel Frappuccino, which is a blend of caramel syrup, coffee, milk, and ice. To transform it into a Twix Frap, ask your barista to add two pumps of hazelnut syrup, java chips, extra caramel, and sweet mocha drizzle on the top. I like to ask for extra whipped cream over the top as well. 

The caramel taste comes through strongly, and I enjoy how the hazelnut and mocha add to the richness of the flavor. The java chips are small and crunchy, which reminds me of the crunchiness of the Twix candy bar, but if you want your frap to taste like a Twix bar, I’d recommend pairing it with a Starbucks cookie. 

I don’t like ice or java chips getting stuck in my straw, so I also ask for mine to be double blended, making it easier to sip. This drink is sweet and indulgent, so I like it as a late afternoon treat.

2. Are they Healthy? [2/5]

The Twix Frappuccino is a drink to indulge in every once in a while, but the calories aren’t as high as you might expect. It’s the sugar count that’s up there. Starbucks’ Caramel Frappuccino, which is the base of this drink, contains between 260 and 470 calories, and between 39 and 74 grams of sugar. Of course, this varies, depending on the size, the type of milk, and the flavors added. You could order the drink with almond, coconut, nonfat, 2 percent, or soy milk for a lighter version. And by omitting whipped cream, you could decrease the caloric count by about 100 calories.

3. Are they Worth it? [4/5]

The Twix Frappuccino is a pricey drink, more than $5 or $6, depending on the size. However, Starbucks offers surprise happy hours (usually towards the end of the week) during which frappuccinos and other drinks are half-price. Be sure to check your local Starbucks location for happy hour deals. I don’t drink Starbucks every day, and when I do, I’m with my kids or friends. It’s a treat out of the ordinary, so I don’t mind paying a little more for a dessert drink. The atmosphere is always nice, even at the outside cafes, and I appreciate the cleanliness and service, so the price is worth it to me. 

Final Verdict

Because I enjoy Caramel Fraps so much, I love this secret Twix Frap menu item. It’s a little different from a regular frap, and it includes some of my favorite flavors, like hazelnut, which I add to a lot of my drinks. Because of its richness, I only order a “tall” size – any bigger is too much for me. It’s perfect for an afternoon treat, and it would pair well with any of Starbucks’ new spring menu items.

Starbucks Twix Frappuccino Nutrition

Serving Size 16 fl oz

Calories 370

Total Fat 15 g

Saturated Fat 9 g

Cholesterol 45 mg

Sodium 230 mg

Total Carbohydrates 66 g 

What do you think?

Did you know about this secret menu item? Have you tried the Twix Frappuccino? Does it remind you of your favorite candy bar as a child or does it taste like something else? Let us know in the comments below. 

Starbucks Twix Frappuccino

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