Starbucks Secret Menu Blue Drink

Unless you’re a die-hard Starbucks fan, you’ve probably never heard of the secret menu Blue Drink (or the pink, purple, green, and orange one, but we’ll save those for another time.) The drink’s title doesn’t give any hints as to what’s in the iced beverage, but there’s something about the mystery of it that makes people go wild. So, what is the Starbucks Secret Menu Blue Drink and how do you order one?

If you don’t know by now, you can order anything at your local Starbucks. Well anything coffee-, tea-, or refresher-related. The coffee franchise has a set menu, but all drinks are customizable, and you can even come up with your own concoction from scratch. All you have to do is explain what ingredients go into your drink, and if they are in stock, the drink is all yours! When it comes to the Blue Drink, the idea is no different.

Starbucks Blue Drink

How To Order the Starbucks Blue Drink

The Starbucks Secret Menu isn’t a huge secret (is anything anymore?) thanks to the internet. Most of the color-coded drinks at Starbucks are simply a mix of iced tea, milk, and syrup. Some come with a Refresher as the base, like the Purple Drink (Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, coconut milk, and ice), while others include add-ins like matcha (the Green Drink includes matcha, black tea, and coconut milk).

So, when you go to order this one, you can ask for the “Blue Drink” by name if you’d like. Some baristas will know just what it is, while others might look around until a co-worker comes to their rescue. If you’re not totally comfortable asking for this off-menu item, just order this:

  • Passionfruit iced tea (no water)
  • Soy milk or coconut milk
  • Vanilla syrup

Note: When it’s made correctly, this drink isn’t a true blue color. It turns out to be more of a periwinkle shade, but it’s still pretty!


The Starbucks Blue Drink is just the price of an Iced Passion Tango Tea, plus an extra 70 cents for soy milk. Here’s the prices for my local shop in Indiana, but yours may vary slightly. It’s a pretty cheap drink, though, even if you choose to get one of the bigger sizes.

  • Tall – $2.95
  • Grande – $3.35
  • Venti – $3.65
  • Trenta – $3.95

Once you try the Blue Drink, check out what’s in the Pink Drink and Orange Drink!

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