Starbucks is Giving Away Free Coffee to Front-Line Workers In December

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, Starbucks is responding with a generous gift to all front-line workers. First responders and health care workers are eligible to receive a free tall brewed coffee (hot or iced) when they visit their local Starbucks from now until December 31. All you need to do is tell the barista you are a front-line responder. According to the company, doctors, nurses, public health workers, pharmacists, dispatchers, fire fighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement officers, and more qualify for this freebie.

Starbucks Free Coffee for Frontline Workers
Starbucks Free Coffee for Frontline Workers / Photo Courtesy of Starbucks

“It has been an extraordinarily difficult year, especially for the front-line responders who are serving our communities,” Virginia Tenpenny, Starbucks vice president, Global Social Impact stated. “We want to show our deep gratitude for those who support and protect us every day with a small gesture of kindness and a cup of coffee.”

Throughout the pandemic, Starbucks has given back in various ways to first responders and healthcare workers. Recently, they donated $100,000 to National Alliance on Mental Illness, which gives front-line workers access to virtual mental health resources. The franchise will also be giving away care packages and gift cards to doctors, nurses, public health workers, and more this month.
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