Manic Monday Coffee Rush Test: Starbucks or Dutch Bros Coffee?

Many people can’t live without their cup of Joe. Whether it is their weapon for the manic Monday traffic jam or simply to keep them going while battling the stress of the week, people clamor to get their hands on the perfect coffee, even if it meant waiting in line or paying a regular cost for their signature mix.

It is no secret that in the past few years, the coffee industry has taken a sudden spurt of growth in terms of business. There are now several coffee shops sprouting all over the country and splitting the hearts and minds of customers. Among the vast growing cafes in the land, there are two contenders that are truly strong and these are Starbucks and Dutch Bros Coffee.


The Society Called Starbucks Nation

Everybody, even once in their life, has stepped inside a bustling Starbucks coffee shop. He has been greeted by a friendly barista, has had an unfortunate name written on his grande, non-fat, no whip iced Caramel Macchiato cup, and has probably spent people watching while sipping on a nearby couch.

Because of this “perfect setting” scenario, most people loved getting their coffee in Starbucks. Add in the traditional Christmas Blend or Spiced Pumpkin Latte, then people will definitely become loyal to this coffee shop. While it is curious how this simple coffee shop can get a reaction like this from a crowd, it is also fairly astounding how great the Starbucks marketing team works.

Starting with the reliable Starbucks card which promises rewards and points, this coffee shop is also known for spreading their “Secret Menu” on the Internet to make people slither in excitement. Naturally, getting something off the menu can make customers feel privileged and “in the know”, making them a part of the elite, loyal customers.

Why Starbucks sells?

The merchandise, points from the cards, and in other countries, the stickers for the much coveted yearly planner – all of these Starbucks gimmicks from their marketing team are truly inspirational as it get over 30 percent sale increase every year. Furthermore, the notion of being able to get something that is “exclusive” makes it even better for loyal customers.

For over 40 years since the first Starbucks opened in the year 1971, this coffeehouse has introduced the meaning of connecting with friends and families over a cup of signature coffee. Their mission was to inspire and connect individuals through their cups and neighbors. Amazingly, one of their best selling trait, besides their delicious coffee concoctions, is their ability to nurture tradition and kinship all in one.

How Dutch Bros Coffee May Be The Next Big Thing In Coffeehouses

Of course, once a trend begins, expect others to follow suit. And while this might not be the case of Dutch Bros Coffee as the company started with single espresso pushcart in 1992, their philosophy seems to be reminiscent of what Starbucks believe in. Which is why Dutch Bros Coffee may be considered as the biggest competitor of Starbucks nowadays.

Furthermore, the fact that Dutch Bros Coffee is the largest drive-thru coffee store owned by a private investor in the country, things may get highly competitive between the two. Both offer handcrafted blended beverages but Dutch Bros also offer smoothies, freezes and energy drinks, something that Starbucks lack.

In 2012, the newer coffeehouse was awarded with the highest customer satisfaction as compared to other coffee houses by JD Power and Associates. Customer service is definitely one of the biggest elements in running any company and if your store happens to be given this award, you’ll know it is a big deal.

Why customer service matters?

Believe it or not, many loyal customers can change boats if they feel like they are not being treated the way they should be. Similarly, they will try a different route if they feel that the once perfect relationship they had with their favorite coffee house has changed.

Review sites are also notorious for giving low scores to coffee shops that provide crappy services. It doesn’t matter if the coffee is great because at the end of the day, customers want to have the satisfaction they wish to get from the members of the crew.

The Verdict

Starbucks and Dutch Bros Coffee are two entirely different coffee houses. Starting from their menu, Starbucks only offer roasted, brewed or signature drinks and pastries while Dutch Bros has energy drinks and smoothies.

However, in terms of being the best cup of Joe maker on a manic Monday rush, Starbucks may have the better option as it is one of the coffeehouse pioneers, making them easy to spot at a distance.

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