Healthy Fast Food Options at the Most Popular Places

Fast food has gotten quite the reputation for being “unhealthy.” And at one point, it was and in a way, still can be. If you’ve ever seen the documentary Supersize Me then you know exactly what we’re talking about. And if you haven’t, the movie basically showed point-blank just how awful fast food can be on your health.

Fast food has come a long way since the documentary’s debut in 2004 – and thank goodness for that. Menus now offer healthier options for every diet whether you’re watching your sodium or sugar intake, avoiding gluten, or are just trying to get more veggies in your diet.

Wondering where to head for your next meal? Here is a roundup of the healthiest options at the most popular fast food places.


McDonald’s – Classic Cheeseburger

McDonald's Cheeseburger
McDonald’s – Lunch” by Ernesto Andrade under the license CC BY-ND 2.0

Bet you didn’t expect to see a cheeseburger on this list – especially from McDonald’s. But according to health experts, the classic cheeseburger is spot-on with its portion sizes. For only $1, you get a pure beef patty, a slice of American cheese, pickles, chopped onion, ketchup, and mustard. It’s the perfect amount of food for any meal! Plus, with only 300 calories you can add a side salad for only 15 calories more.

Calories: 300
Fat: 12g
Carbs: 33g
Protein: 15g
Sugar: 7g

Taco Bell – Taco Fresco Style

Fresco Taco Bell Taco
Lunch at Taco Bell” by Qfamily under the license CC BY 2.0

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up tacos. Whether you’re gluten-free, low-sodium, or just watching your calories – tacos are the single, most amazing food for every diet. Whether you go soft or crunchy (side note: soft taco shells add sodium!) you’ll get seasoned ground beef topped with fresh lettuce. Fresco style removes the cheese and adds fresh tomatoes and onions instead which saves you a whole 20 calories. Now, with just 150 calories per taco, go ahead and order two – guilt-free!

Calories: 150
Fat: 9g
Carbs: 13g
Protein: 8g
Sugar: >1g

Wendy’s – Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
Wendy’s Return To Japan” by Danny Choo under the license CC BY-SA 2.0

As far as salads go, Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken salad might by far be one of the best fast food salads on the market. Dare we even say it’s comparable to Panera’s salads? In both the full and half size you’ll get grilled chicken, red and green apples, dried cranberries, roasted pecans, crumbled blue cheese all placed over a bed of lettuce dressed with a pomegranate vinaigrette. Who said healthy salads have to be boring?

Calories: 340
Fat: 17g
Carbs: 29g
Protein: 20g
Sugar: 23g

Burger King – Grilled Chicken Sandwich without Mustard

Burger King Chicken Sandwich

A grilled chicken sandwich may not be as appealing as a burger, or even a crispy chicken sandwich. But considering you save over 130 calories by making the switch to grilled and it tastes almost as good – we’d say it’s worth it. This grilled chicken sandwich is made with flame-grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato all on a toasted bun. Take off the honey mustard and you get a filling, low-sugar yet still delicious sandwich.

Calories: 370
Fat: 6g
Carbs: 39g
Protein: 40g
Sugar: 7g

Chipotle – Burrito Bowl

Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Chipotle is a great one-stop-shop for all your dietary needs – especially the burrito bowl. The best part about it is that you can fill it with whatever you want to meet your dietary needs. Need fewer calories? Pick lower-calorie fillings! Looking for more fat? Add guacamole on the side. Can’t eat dairy? Skip out on the sour cream and cheese. Whatever you need, Chipotle can do. One low-calorie combination is steak, pinto beans, fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, and lettuce.

Calories: 330
Fat: 7.5g
Carbs: 32g
Protein: 30g
Sugar: 4g

Five Guys – Bunless Little Hamburger

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries” by Calgary Reviews licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Five Guys menu doesn’t exactly make it easy to eat healthily, BUT there are options! One of those being the bunless little hamburger. Don’t let the name fool you. This burger is actually the size of a normal burger but with one patty instead of two. Ask for it “all the way” to get it with mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, mushrooms, ketchup, and mustard. Or dress it with whatever your taste buds want. Just make sure you ask for it without the bun!

Calories: 250
Fat: 17g
Carbs: 6g
Protein: 26g
Sugar: 0g

Dominos – Thin Crust Veggie Pizza

Thin Crust Veggie Pizza
Ready To Eat” By Audrey under the license CC BY 2.0

The other option at Dominos was thin-crust pineapple and ham pizza, but for reasons unbeknownst to us, people aren’t a fan. So, thin-crust veggie pizza it is! Whoever said pizza couldn’t be part of your diet didn’t understand the beauty of portion sizes. As the name suggests, it has light cheese with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and roasted red peppers all on a thin crust. For only 202 calories a slice, you can have two slices for under 500 calories!

Calories: 202
Fat: 17g
Carbs: 6g
Protein: 26g
Sugar: 0g

KFC – Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast

KFC Grilled Chicken Breast
Grilled Chicken” by Lance Holley under the license CC BY 2.0

KFC has been known for its fried chicken since what seems like the beginning of time. But if you’re watching what you eat, fried isn’t exactly on the menu. Thankfully, grilled is. KFC’s grilled chicken is just as juicy as the fried and with the perfect seasoning and grill marks you won’t even miss the crunch. Plus, the low calories gives you the freedom to order a side. Try adding on the green beans for just 25 calories more.

Calories:  210
Fat: 7g
Carbs: 0g
Protein: 38g
Sugar: 0g

Buffalo Wild Wings – Traditional Wings

BDubs Traditional Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings” by Bob B. Brown under the license CC BY-ND 2.0

Let’s just say that there aren’t many low-calorie options at Buffalo Wild Wings. So this isn’t exactly a diet-friendly choice. Rather it’s more of a low-carb, high-protein option for you keto followers. If you order the small traditional wings plain, they have zero carbs (woo!) and you can add any of the dry seasonings for only 1 more gram of carbs.

Calories:  650
Fat: 37g
Carbs: 1g
Protein: 79g
Sugar: 0g

Subway – Whole Grain Sandwich

Subway Whole Grain Sandwich
Subway for Brunch” by Tony Alter under the license CC BY 2.0

The nice thing about Subway is that, like Chipotle, it’s extremely customizable and most menu options are healthy depending on your choices. Adding sauces, cheeses, oils, and various meats can rack up those calories so beware of adding too much. Our favorite go-to is a 6-inch whole-grain sandwich with roast beef, cucumber, red onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. Feel free to add provolone cheese for an extra 50 calories!

Calories:  290
Fat: 4,5g
Carbs: 40g
Protein: 25g
Sugar: 6g

Starbucks – Sous Vide Egg Bites

Starbucks Egg Bites
Starbucks also offers a vegetarian sous vide egg bite” by sousvideguy under the license CC BY 2.0.

Starbucks has saved all of us fast-food breakfast loving, healthy eaters with their sous vide egg bites. Pair your caffeine with a side of these beauties for a breakfast that will save you from your morning slump. Thanks to their egg white base, two of these have 12g of protein and 8g of fat for a combo that will satisfy your tastebuds and your hunger levels. Dairy-free eaters beware – these egg bites are made with Monterey jack cheese!

Calories:  170
Fat: 8g
Carbs: 11g
Protein: 12g
Sugar: 3g

Red Lobster – Grilled Salmon Lunch

Grilled Salmon Lunch Red Lobster

Red Lobster might not be as fast as some of these other options, or as affordable, but it’s a popular go-to for lunch and we wanted to give you a healthy option. Especially since seafood can easily become unhealthy thanks to the way they’re cooked and dressed. Fourtanetly, the grilled salmon gives you a safe option. When ordering, ask for the grilled salmon cooked without oils or fats. The salmon alone has 310 calories but if you add a side of seasoned fresh broccoli the total clocks in at 350.

Calories:  310
Fat: 19g
Carbs: >1g
Protein: 32g
Sugar: 0g

Red Robin – Lettuce Wrapped California Chicken Burger

Red Robin

Red Robin is another not so fast food restaurant that is still a common go-to for many American families. Unfortunately, most of their menu items aren’t low calorie, low sodium, or low carb – but you do have options! The California Chicken Burger is a fan favorite, but the bun racks up the calories and carbs. To solve this little issue, just ask for it without the bun! You still get all of the good stuff like the chicken, house-made guac, cheese, pickles, and tomatoes, it’ll just be wrapped in lettuce instead.

Calories:  550
Fat: 33.5g
Carbs: 25g
Protein: 39g
Sugar: 6g

Papa Johns – Mediterrarian Veggie Pizza

Papa John's Meditteranian Veggie Pizza

Papa Johns has made it incredibly simple for healthy eaters to find their diet friendlier menu options. Just look under their “Papas Lighter Choices!” That’s where we found the Mediterranian veggie pizza. Even with a regular crust, one slice is still around 300 calories. So, if you want to eat more slices, opt for the thin crust instead. It’ll shave off 70 calories per slice – you’re welcome!

The Mediterranean veggie pizza sports a ton of veggies – obviously – including olives, red onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes, so you might as well just call this a salad minus the lettuce. At least that’s what you can tell yourself.

Calories:  200
Fat: 8g
Carbs: 21g
Protein: 5g
Sugar: 2g

Dairy Queen – Grilled Chicken BLT Salad

Dairy Queen BLT Chicken Salad<