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One of the most-loved fast food restaurant business chains in the United States is Arby’s. The restaurant has been serving tasty meals that customers love for over 50 years. Arby’s is famous for its high-quality and tasteful roast beef for the same period. So, lovers of beefy meals enjoy the signature meals at Arby’s. 

While Arby’s is synonymous with beefy meals, they also offer an extensive list of other products and combos on their menu. As they say, they have the meats and more meal choices like fries, potato cakes, entrées, chicken wraps, sandwiches, salads, and beverages. 

Apart from their regular meals, Arby’s Restaurant also has a Kids’ Menu. Kids can get options like the Chicken Slider Kids Meal, Chicken Tenders Kids Meal, Ham Slider Kids Meal, Capri Sun, etc. These options make it easy for both the young and old to enjoy every bit of their meals from Arby’s. 

Like many other fast food companies, Arby’s has its unique coupons, deals, offers, and promotions for their customers to enjoy more value alongside their meals. Arby’s is one fast-food chain that is constantly offering email, text, and mobile app coupons, as well as other deals here and there to help you save. We’ve rounded up a list of all the franchise’s latest money-saving promotions to help you eat out for less.


Popular Arby’s Deals, Coupons, and Offers

There are so many deals available at Arby’s! Check these out.


2 for $6 Deal

The 2 for $6 deal is one of Arby’s best deals. With the Everyday Special, you can choose from a menu of delicious sandwiches, and mix and match them however you like for just 6 bucks. Choice options of sandwiches are Beef ‘n Cheddar, Greek Gyro, Roast Beef Gyro, Roast Turkey Gyro, and the Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Note that this deal is for a limited-time offer. 


2 for $5 Deal

Just like the previous deal, this deal combines two select sandwiches for $5. The 2 for $5 deal is not currently going on at Arby’s, but the restaurant usually brings this deal back year after year, so be sure to keep an eye out on your local fast food joint’s specials.


Arby’s Senior Discount

To cater to the elderly with their deals and offers, Arby’s offers people aged 55 years and older 10% off their orders. This is available in participating stores. To confirm if it is still on, you should talk to a cashier or contact the closest Arby’s outlet to you for more information.

  • $1 off any Chicken Sandwich when purchased at full price
  • $1 Curly Fries
  • $1 Classic Roast Beef


Arby’s Rewards

There are also ways to score deals and freebies – when you sign up for the fast-food chain’s email list. By signing up, you will receive a coupon for free fries and a soft drink. Plus, you will be kept abreast with exclusive offers and birthday freebies sent directly to your inbox. You can opt for text offers and coupons as well.


What You Should Do to Enjoy Arby’s Coupons, Deals, Offers, and Promotions

If you frequently shop at your local Arby’s store, you should download the mobile app on iOS or Android to receive digital coupons on roast beef sandwiches and other fan favorites. Deals vary by location, so your offers may look different from that of someone else across your state. Download the app on iOS or Android, and sign up with your Facebook account or email address. You will then input your favorite Arby’s restaurant, so the app knows which coupons to send your way.


Common mobile coupons include:

  • $1 off any Chicken Sandwich when purchased at full price
  • $1 Curly Fries
  • $1 Classic Roast Beef

You can also check their website from time to time to stay in the loop with their online deals. In case you are unable to place your order via the app, get on Arby’s website, and use the alternative. 

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