Would You Buy A McDonald’s Burger-Scented Candle?

There’s nothing quite as homey as a newly lit candle, especially when it spells like a Quarter Pounder. Wait, what?

McDonald's Quarter Pounder CandlesYou heard that right. McDonald’s will soon be releasing a line of candles inspired by the famous Quarter Pounder and all its fixins. In this six-piece set, customers can get the candles in “100% Fresh Beef,” “Ketchup,” “Pickle,” “Cheese,” “Onion,” and “Sesame Seed Bun.”  The restaurant encourages customers to burn them all at once for “maximum deliciousness.” As expected, people are taking to social media to describe their intrigue, as well as their disgust over the new Quarter Pounder fan club merch. And while the initial reaction is rather negative, maybe the burger-scented candles will be a great Secret Santa gift this Christmas. Maybe.

Either way, rest assured that McDonald’s sells other merchandise for the Quarter Pounder Fan Club members that aren’t quite as controversial on the  Golden Arches Unlimited website. Fans can shop for Quarter Pounder calenders, lockets, stickers, t-shirts, mittens, and pins.

This is not the first time a fast-food chain has made fhttps://goldenarchesunlimited.com/collections/mcdonalds-quarter-pounder-fan-clubood-scented candles. Qdodba released a queso-scented candle in December, and KFC has been selling a fried-chicken-scented firelog for years.

If you need to get the aroma of fast food candles out of your mind, take a look at McDonald’s New Oreo Shamrock Shake and the new McChicken Biscuit and Chicken McGriddle.

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