White Castle Turkey Sliders & Seasonal Sides

It’s that time of year again when pumpkin spice dominates and the savory flavors of fall tempt taste buds across the nation. You’ve got your Dunkin’ Donuts’ Caramel Apple Croissant Donut and Apple Pie Cookies from Subway. You can enjoy a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen or a steaming bowl of Harvest Pumpkin Soup from Au Bon Pain. Now you can add Whitecastle turkey sliders to your seasonal must-haves list.

white castle turkey sliders

White Castle Joins the Fall Feeding Frenzy

In 2015, White Castle jumped on the seasonal bandwagon with their turkey sliders, delicious miniature Butterball turkey patties on fluffy buns. This year, the sliders are back, and they’re even better than before. This year, you have choices. You can choose a turkey slider topped with Dusseldorf mustard, or you can opt for the tangy bistro sauce. If you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting on a brittle autumn day, try the apple butter turkey slider on for size. Or order the Turkey Slider Trio, and you’ll get one of each. These delectable darlings are cozy, festive blankets for your taste buds, and you’ll be sorry if you don’t indulge before they’re gone.

Sides That’ll Make You Want to Cry

To get the most out of your turkey sliders, you’ll want to go the extra mile and order a side dish. Now, you may need to hold on to something solid, because White Castle done outdid themselves on the seasonal side front, and just hearing about these might make you dizzy.

Loaded Fried Green Beans are not your grandma’s green bean casserole, and there’s a slight chance that you’ll actually love these babies even more than Grandma’s special concoction. The green beans are battered, fried to a crispy golden brown, and topped with caramelized onions and savory white gravy. Now, this dish may not be all that great to look at, but as with all deep comfort foods, looks are not at the heart of the enjoyment you get out of them.

Loaded Sweet Potato Fries join the sweet potato craze and offer a wholly delicious way to partake of these vitamin-packed roots. First, the potatoes are fried up so that they’re slightly crisp on the outside and velvety smooth on the inside. Then, they’re topped with sweet maple syrup. Over the syrup, dollops of marshmallow creme conjure your aunt’s marshmallowed yams and all the fuzzy memories of Thanksgivings past. Sprinkled over the top are cinnamon praline pecans delivering the exact right amount of crunch to complete the magic.

The Cranberry Spritzer with Sprite is a refreshing way to wash it all down and not feel like you weigh twenty pounds more than you did when you arrived.

The Flavors of the Holidays

Jamie Richardson, the vice president of White Castle, says that the seasonal menu selections are designed for those who want to enjoy the taste and flavors of the holiday season while on the move. “White Castle has everything you need to enjoy a convenient, hot and tasty holiday feast wherever you go.”

Indeed, the popular sliders and mind-blowing sides are drawing in customers and making a lot of people happy. But get ’em soon, because they won’t be around long. After the holidays, it’ll be business as usual, and you’ll have wait a whole ‘nother year before they come around again.

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