Wendy's Nutrition

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Food Size Calories Fat Carbs Protein


Dave’s Single® 570 34 39 30g
Dave’s Double® 810 51 39 49g
Dave’s Triple® 1090 72 40 71g
Baconator® 940 62 38 59g
Son of Baconator® 630 39 37 34g
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger 380 22 26 19g
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe 330 19 27 16g
Jr. Hamburger 240 10 25 14g
Jr. Cheeseburger 280 13 25 16g
Double Stack™ 390 21 25 25g

Chicken and Wraps

Homestyle Asiago Ranch Chicken Club 670 34 53 38g
Spicy Chicken Sandwich 510 21 51 30g
Homestyle Chicken Sandwich 520 22 52 29g
Grilled Chicken Sandwich 360 8 38 35g
Crispy Chicken Sandwich 330 16 33 14g
Spicy Chicken Wrap 370 20 30 18g
Grilled Chicken Wrap 270 10 24 20g
Crispy Chicken BLT 420 23 35 20g
Chicken Nuggets 4-piece 170 11 10 9g
6-piece 250 16 14 13g
10-piece 420 27 24 22g

Fresh-Made Salads

Taco Salad Full Size 660 32 63 32g
Half Size 470 23 49 19g
Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad Full Size 480 16 42 43g
Half Size 250 9 23 22g
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad Full Size 590 30 42 42g
Half Size 310 15 25 21g
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad Full Size 560 24 52 38g
Half Size 340 17 29 20g
Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad Full Size 720 43 41 43g
Half Size 410 24 29 23g

Right Price Right Size Menu

Value Natural-Cut Fries 230 10 30 3g
Classic Chocolate Frosty® 340 9 56 10g
Chili 170 5 16 15g
Spicy Chicken Nuggets 4-piece 190 12 11 9g
6-piece 280 17 17 14g
Value Coca-Cola® 160 0 44 0g
Garden Side Salad 210 13 18 4g
Caesar Side Salad 250 18 18 7g
Double Stack™ 390 21 25 25g

Fries & Sides

Bacon Ranch Fries 600 39 46 18g
Bacon Sriracha Fries 590 38 47 14g
Baconator® Fries 490 28 46 14g
Garden Side Salad 260 18 19 7g
Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato 310 2.5 63 8g
Broccoli Cheese Baked Potato 430 11 70 15g
Bacon Cheese Baked Potato 480 17 66 17g
Large Chili 250 7 23 23g
Natural-Cut Fries Kids 230 10 30 3g
Value 230 10 30 3g
Natural-Cut Fries Regular 320 15 43 5g
Medium 420 19 56 6g
Large 530 24 70 7g
Apple Slices 35 0 9 0g


Honest® Tropical Green Tea Small 60 0 44 0g
Medium 120 0 30 0g
Large 130 0 33 0g
Orange Mango FRUITEA CHILLERS® Small 170 0 44 0g
Medium 300 0 76 0g
Large 320 0 83 0g
Coca-Cola® Kids’ Meal 120 0 33 0g
Regular 200 0 54 0g
Medium 320 0 87 0g
Large 400 0 109 0g
Diet Coke® Kids’ Meal 0 0 0 0g
Value 0 0 0 0g
Regular 0 0 0 0g
Medium 0 0 0 0g
Large 0 0 1 0g
Sprite® Kids’ Meal 120 0 32 0g
Value 160 0 42 0g
Regular 200 0 53 0g
Medium 310 0 84 0g
Large 390 0 105 0g
Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea Value 0 0 1 0g
Regular 0 0 1 0g
Medium 0 0 1 0g
Large 5 0 2 0g
Nestlé® Pure Life® Bottled Water 0 0 0 0g
All-Natural Lemonade Regular 190 0 50 0g
Value 170 0 43 0g
Medium 330 0 86 0g
Large 380 0 100 0g
Strawberry Lemonade Value (12oz) 210 0 55 0g
Regular 230 0 58 0g
Medium 380 0 98 0g
Large 460 0 118 0g
Strawberry Tea Kids 30 0 8 0g
Regular 45 0 11 0g
Medium 60 0 16 0g
Large 90 0 22 0g
Original RedHead Roasters Coffee Large 5 0 0 1g
Small 0 0 0 0g
Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee Small 0 0 0 0g
Large 0 0 0 0g
Vanilla Iced Coffee Regular 170 6 28 2g
Medium 250 8 42 3g
Caramel Iced Coffee Regular 160 6 26 2g
Medium 240 8 40 3g
Mocha Iced Coffee Regular 170 6 28 2g
Medium 210 8 32 3g
Skinny Vanilla Iced Coffee Regular 70 5 6 2g
Medium 100 8 14 3g
Hot Tea 0 0 1 0g
Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch® Kids’ Meal 130 0 35 0g
Value 170 0 46 0g
Regular 210 0 58 0g
Medium 340 0 92 0g
Large 420 0 115 0g
Barq’s® Root Beer Kids’ Meal 130 0 37 0g
Value 180 0 49 0g
Regular 220 0 61 0g
Medium 360 0 98 0g
Large 450 0 122 0g
Fanta® Orange Kids’ Meal 130 0 35 0g
Value 170 0 47 0g
Regular 210 0 59 0g
Medium 340 0 94 0g
Large 430 0 117 0g
Coke Zero Sugar Kids’ Meal 0 0 0 0g
Value 0 0 0 0g
Regular 0 0 0 0g
Medium 0 0 1 0g
Large 0 0 1 0g
Dr Pepper® Kids’ Meal 90 0 26 0g
Value 100 0 26 0g
Regular 120 0 33 0g
Medium 190 0 53 0g
Large 240 0 66 0g
Hot Cocoa 120 2 24 1g

Wendy’s Kids Meal

Jr. Vanilla Frosty® 190 4.5 32 5g
Jr. Classic Chocolate Frosty® 200 5 33 6g
Kids’ Cheeseburger 270 13 25 15g
Chicken Tenders 2-piece 200 10 13 15g
Kids’ Hamburger 240 9 24 13g
1% Chocolate Milk 150 2.5 26 7g
1% White Milk 90 2 10 7g
Classic Chocolate Frosty® Medium 460 12 76 13g
Large 580 15 96 16g
Vanilla Frosty® Regular 340 8 56 9g
Medium 460 12 77 12g
Large 570 15 97 15g


Artisan Egg Sandwich 360 19 29 20g
Mornin’ Melt® Panini 520 33 33 31g
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit 500 26 48 19g
Steel Cut Oatmeal 340 11 57 5g
Sausage & Egg Burrito 390 29 14 17g
Sausage Biscuit 480 33 35 12g
Seasoned Home-Style Potatoes 230 8 35 3g
Oatmeal Bar 290 10 47 4g
Fresh Baked Biscuit 590 41 36 20g
Small Orange Juice 130 0 30 2g

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    1. I second that. Wendy’s is a lot more expensive than what i would like to pay when going to a fast food place. Their food has come leaps and bounds from that crap they used to serve and can now be tolerated. I actually enjoy Wendy’s, but find myself searching for something a little less expensive when i am in the mood for fast food.

  1. I writing from st louis mo. A few year ago wendys went out of business here. And I was so upset. But u all reopen I went straight To wendys and order a bacon cheese burger and to my suprise it was horrible I’m not a fan of the angue beef it have a wild animal taste and smell turn my stomach could not eat. Can u bring back the orignald beef for the one’s who fell in love with u all from the earlier years. I’m not asking u to change ur beef u can keep the angus beef on the menu just readd the previous beef from the past. Thank u.

    1. Since I am elderly, I like Wendy’s Jr. cheeseburger and salads. I wish you would bring back the oriental chicken salad with almonds. A suggestion, would like to see you offer soups such as Potato, Brocolli Cheese, Corn Chowder, Tomato Basil, Tortilla Soup just to name a few. It would especially popular in the winter and for us Senior Adults all year.

    2. I am also very very glad Wendy’s is back in St. Louis, Mo! A location opened very close to me in High Ridge and I plan to try it out several times. If prices were lower I could more frequent the establishment as I desire to, couple times a day.

  2. I agree that the higher prices drives people away. I’m really excited that Wendy’s is back in St. Louis. Even better one was built in High Ridge, where I live! I love Wendy’s food and frosties, but I won’t be able to go near as much as I would like to due to the higher prices. I do like the value menu. I wish there were more vegetarian options. Cheese fries would be a great selling item, without chilli. Hit with children also! I would get in my car right now if I could get some great cheese fries! And for several days in a row afterwards!


  4. I have been to Wendy’s several times in the North Myrtle Beach area and each time they have never failed to disappoint me. The staff is rude the food there is worse. I ordered the new pretzel burger the bacon was raw, lettuce was wilted. Also got the spicy chicken nuggets well they could have been used for hockey pucks they must have been sitting around all afternoon. I seriously doubt I will ever go back as I have given them several opportunities to improve things. Nothing changes at that store. They just don’t care there.

    1. I actually just had a great experience at the North Myrtle Beach Wendys. I ordered two JR Bacon Cheeseburgers and I thought I had ordered two Large Frostys. When we go to the window the girl handed me one frosty and the two burgers. I asked if I had ordered two and she told me no. I looked at my receipt and I hadn’t been charged for two either. So she hands me another and I tried to pay for it and the girl told me to not worry about it and have a nice night.


  6. You should put the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger in the menu, thats my favorite thing about wendys! Plus my family goes there all the time! Dave, you do wonders no one else can do!

  7. why are your prices so much higher than Burger King, and McDonalds ? I bypass Wendys on T’bridge road, and drive the extra miles to Gainesville

  8. Wendy’s by far is the best value out there. The Baconator is by far the best burger you could ever have the privilege of putting in your mouth. Not only that but the value menu is amazing. They have the best crispy chicken sandwich inn the world. Keep it up Wendy’s you continue to shine in an industry thought to be ruled by McD’s


  10. The Wendy’s around here really sucks the workers really do not like there jobs your orders are always wrong some of the food is cold under cooked ect….

  11. Worst quality, efficiency, and sanitation. The workers are a large problem. Almost every single Wendy’s that I’ve been to has bad customer service. The workers simply just don’t want to be there. As for quality, Wendy’s would be a good restaurant. (They have good food). However, I have gotten undercooked, bad tasting, or “too” anything kind of good. I do admit that their burgers are pretty good. I’ve haven’t really had any huge problems that I can say about them. Their efficiency as a restaurant would be greatly improved if they set higher standards for their employees. Their sanitation…HUGE ISSUE. I think everyone has heard of the recent issue where there was a picture of one of their workers eating straight out of the ice cream machine. Yes, straight out. As in, he had his mouth on it. There has been endless complaints about Wendy’s. I have never been to a Wendy’s that has an A for the food scores. (Or whatever they’re called. You know, the sheets of paper that have the grades on them up by the door and the drive by window.) One Wendy’s that I went to had a 68. I often go to the CNN center (I live in Atlanta), and while I am there, I used to get food from the food court. Sometimes it would be Wendy’s. Cheap food, good taste. Well, I stopped doing that when my cousin who works at CNN, emailed me a picture advising me not to eat at the one in the food court. The picture contained a salad. At first I didn’t understand. Then I saw it. There was a roach in the salad, clearly dead. Underneath was the caption with “my coworker found this in her salad! Do not eat at the Wendy’s at the food court!” It was being forwarded to all of the CNN employees. I, myself was throughout disgusted but not as shocked when, later, one of my sisters friends posted on twitter about his job: Wendy’s. He took a picture of a tarantula. Yep I said it. A TARANTULA. It was dead of course, back in the cooking area of the restaurant. The tweet said ” I am never eating at my job again. I put that on everything.” So that was it for me. I vowed never to eat there again. Maybe the Wendy’s by your house is great. That’s good for you. But I know that for me, Wendy’s had disappointed me time after time. They have a serious problem with customer service, properly cooking their food, and a MAJOR issue with sanitation.

      1. what happened to the value meal prices of 99 cents at the windsor locks, ct Wendy’s? Prices went up and quality went down

    1. why is your comment sooo long stfu cuz we dont care just read the prices and go on with your boring lives bitchz just stfu and kill yourselfz

      1. Why is your comment full of spelling and grammar mistakes? Learn how to spell and use proper grammar before typing.

    2. My class is going on a field trip to Disney Quest in Downtown Disney Orlando, Florida. For dinner our bus is bringing us to Wendy’s, and we have no choice but to eat there. Well, unless we want to starve ourselves to death because it is a 2 hour ride back to Brooksville. Thank you for destroying my appetite, it was a pleasure to read that story. But honestly, I agree with prettykittyplusthree. Everyone has to deal with unwanted pests. Whether or not they get rid of them is their fault. And really, not ALL Wendy’s are like that. I’m not pushing you to enjoy their food again, but I am just saying… If you have a problem with their ideas of sanitation, why don’t YOU try handling rude customers, clumsy people dropping their stuff and begging for a refund, others starting commotion and lying about things such as that in their food, machine problems, money problems, and trying to keep up with orders. Maybe then will you have trouble cleaning, and this conversation will be copied and pasted by another unwanted pest ‘in my food’. Never have I once seen that, but it can be possible. But I’m saying that it is rude to bicker about a restaurant, when you simply DON’T KNOW whether it’s the truth that bugs are in food, found around the kitchen, and such. Sorry for the long and drawn out comment, but really, THINK.

    3. Competitors do that and take photos and put in on the internet to get people to come to their store instead. Car dealers are the worst. They will say people were killed by a competitor’s car and theirs won’t kill you. A big lie, of course. You can’t believe anything anymore.

  12. Yesterday my husband went to Wendy’s. He ordered a #5 for 7.99. He asked for a large drink and fries. When he went to pay he realized his lunch was almost 12.00. Is that correct? Seems like the drink and fries would be part of the meal. I understand an upcost for the large size, but wow.

  13. I’ve always had good experiences at Wendy’s. A little more expensive than McDonald’s, but for the taste being 1000 time better, it’s understandable.

  14. Am 74 years old, a chili nut, and have eaten it ever since I remember. Grew up, started making my own which at times was pretty good, but find a Wendy’s when the chili is fresh and it’s instant addiction. Just great!!!!!!

  15. Who here loves the “Baconator” sandwich and their chili? I know I do! It’s the best chili I ever had! Also, their chicken nuggets are pretty good too!

  16. Wendy’s is GREAT. Service is fast and the staff at my Wendy’s in Santa Clarita is very courteous, and it’s very clean. I get the Jr. Cheesburger and a small Chili. Where on this earth can you get a lunch as good as that for under three dollars…..and it’s really good and filling. Love you Wendy’s

  17. REALLY……………SO FAR STRETCHED IS THAT STORY. roaches in salads, dead spiders? every state and its region has pests and critters to deal with. what about the wendys that a lady found a fingertip in her chili??, turned out to be bullshit and she was arrested and fined. don’t believe a word of it.

  18. I work at Wendy’s and I love in Tacoma Washington. Hard workers and then people who know how to have a good time while working. Love my co workers at to til uses. Except for one. But very sanitary.

    1. Wow so many typos in the first comment. What I meant was, its a nice place. I live in Tacoma Washington and work at wendy’s. Sanitary. Great co workers. And people that know how to make fun at work. Love the people I work with. Minus one cause.. Well no comment but its a great place and can’t judge a business overall from a single restaurant. Let’s go wendy’s!

  19. Wendy’s is so good I go there almost all the time. And I have the key chain for a free Jr. frosty till December if I get a meal. IT’S A FREE FROSTY!!!

  20. Hi my name is celia and i live in Hamilton, ON canada and all i gotta say is this…every restaurent isnt perfect food lol ive been to every wendys around in hamilton and stoneycreek and i never had probs with wendys for 8 yrs of eating it since 2 yrs ago i got food poisoning from them from eating a poutine and boy i was sick for 1 week and had to go to the hospital for a whole day having my IV in my arm. it was a horrible experience but it was the one in stoneycreek. but hey not every wendys we will get sick! Its how the coworkers are safe and knows their health and safety from their food products that they have in their freezer and fridge and especially their expiry dates thats listed on their packagers, 🙂 but hey that didnt make me stop eating their wendys LOL i didnt eat wendys for 3 months cause i was just so sick of it but then i went back. But i seen their restaurents are cleaned and sanitized well. so if the coworkers are fooling around with their supplies, that means the managers arent paying extra attention to them and they should of been fired for that reason. Thats my opinion. thanks….HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!! but hey tonite thats what im havin tonight…WENDYS!!! bon appetite!! 🙂

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  22. I can remember going to McDonald’s and getting 2 hamburgers, a small fry and small coke — and getting change from my dollar.
    Of course, gas was .27 a gallon in ’69.
    But for the here and now, going to any fast food restaurant to get a filling meal costs me well over $10.
    At Wendy’s, any two regular sized burgers, fries and a drink is $10 — even using a combo option.
    McDonald’s will need $11 for any 2 decent sized sandwiches, fries and a drink.
    Burger King is pretty much the same.
    So fast-food feeding a family of 4 is going to set you back around $25 — sometimes more.
    Golden Corral, for a family of 5, will run you $60 or more.
    And food prices everywhere are rising, outpacing inflation — and the trend doesn’t seem to be easing.

    1. Truckers are going extinct because of environmental requirements. Farmers are going extinct because of the agri-political take-over of farms by conglomerate corporations. And inflation is spiraling because this admin is sanctioning hundreds of billions of “Empty” dollars to be printed and put into circulation. End result: A $10 fast food meal.

  23. Prices listed for a dozen varieties of the same sandwiches, but only for a small Coke? PRIORITIES, PEOPLE. How much is a large Coke at Wendy’s? It’s not too much to ask.

  24. Wendy’s, like every fast food place, has its flaws. But not many. I really like their Frosties and they have pretty dang good baked potatoes. I absolutely love their fries- better than Burger King or McDonald’s or whatever. They also have pretty nice waiters/waitresses. Not the best restaurant, but also not the worse either.

  25. I got a spicy chicken sandwich (no combo just sandwich) yesterday from one of the Wendy’s branch in Vancouver, Canada for $5.25!!!

  26. I have one that beats them all we drove up to the drive thru window 10:45 on a friday night there was 6 of us and 4 kids all of us starving all wanted wendys burgers fries and frosties,and was told sorry we can’t take your order we close at 11pm ,,,
    WHAT? where did that saying go open till midnight or later not true for this location ……district mgr e- mailed me and sent 5 coupons for sandwiches……REALLY!! when there was 6 and 4 kids ended up at McD’s spent $45 but was not happy they don’t have frosties….. hamburgers are not as good, fries were cold drinks tasted waterd down !!! wish wendy’s would have taken our order !! I know the kids did we heard it all the way home !!! so next time you pull into a wendy’s do not crave there food because you may not get any !!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m sorry that happened to you all :/ ours closes at 12 but in some small towns and states they close at 11 and its a shame. I wish you could have gotten everyone fed at Wendy’s it would have been much better and satisfying!!!
      *Wendys worker 3 years*

  27. Wendy’s USE to have the best broccoli and cheese, and bacon and cheese baked potatos, but we as consumers lost those items because of Ciabatta bread. sad sad sad:(

    1. Ask them to add chopped onions, hot sauce, 2-3 crackers, and top off with ketchup, a little salt and pepper. For free you have enhanced an already awesome chili.

  28. Prices are wrong for Texas. In Dallas, junior cheeseburger = .93, value fries = .93, small chili = 1.53, and with tax those 3 items together are $3.85.

  29. worst service ever. 2 spicy chipotle cheeseburgers (1.49 each) and 2 spicy chipotle chicken plus large soda is around 9 dollars somehow…when you call they say they only charged for 3 sandwiches…meaning the soda was almost $3 or they were lying. They were lying. Last time I go back, which is sad cuz I go every single week. Sorry Wendy’s you go from $10/week to 0. Blame your black employees for stealing.

  30. Midland park New Jersey, not once or twice but every time they get the order wrong , you have to sit there open every sandwich to make sure you got what you ordered and it has yet to be right. They always leave one sandwhich out but charge you for it , or give you a completely different sandwhich. Well tonight on 12/29/2014 it was easy I ordered a portobello melt ,just one sandwich no drink or fries charged me 7.04 ,I left ,figuring how could the girl screw up one sandwich. I get home open it up and it’s a chicken sandwhich with a end piece of lettuce thrown on top not even a tomato. You should send a representive down there and see what exactly they have working in this franchise.

  31. YO..dummies,,,,,this is NOT a Burger King site,,,they are NOT looking for suggestions….its just products and prices.

    PS..can ANY of you spell?

  32. Took me forever to find nutrition….then another forever to find the dammm prices…..then the coupon offer would not work.

  33. Did you know that if you order a hamburger you will get charger for a cheeseburger. Yes you will be charged for the cheese you do not get. Now thats a money maker that most never pick up on.

    1. That happens when the employees don’t choose the jr. hamburger instead but you aren’t charged for cheese the total will still be $1.06.

      *Wendys employee for 3 years*


  35. Thanks for creating encrusted goodness of wonder. Also known as chicken nuggets. They are so delicious and therefore convinced me to do what I call the chicken nugget challenge. 60 crusted amazingness in 20mins. No big deal.

  36. My husband likes hot hot food like a habenero sauce not just hot sauce and he wants it on a burger not chicken maybe that could happen for Wendy’s

  37. Here’s one for ya. Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich they are now charging $4.69 for just the sandwich which makes it $5.02 with tax. sounds pricy to me…. so with that being said the Spicy Chicken Go Wrap is the same piece of Chicken that does on the spicy sandwich just cut in half and it sales for $1.79.. I’m not a math wiz by no means but that don’t add up. $1.79 X 2 = 3.58 really are they charging $1.11 just for the bun…. Wendy’s you might wana rethink your plans before we see Wendy’s close the doors. good luck Wendy’s

  38. I seriously think that Wendys consider two things. First, the competition pricing is the same as yours, no reason to try Wendys. Second the economy today would dictate that the more economical pricing would tend to b ring more patrons in this challenging times.

  39. Baconator fries are disappointing. Waited at the drive thru for almost 5 minutes, and they were cold and soggy. I’ll stick to getting a side of cheese next time.

  40. I ordered two four for for specials but asked the voice if I could substitute Chocolate Frosty’s for the drinks if I paid the additional costs. The voice said “sure”. When I went to the first window, the cashier asked me for $18.81. I gave her a $20 but then began doing the math in my head. I asked her to explain how the two $4.00 meals became $18.81 with the addition of the Frosty’s. She said she would have to get the manager. The manager then came to the window and asked me why I was being rude to his cashier (?). I told him that I wasn’t getting what I ordered and I wanted my $20 back. He gave me the $20. Frustrated, I then went to another Wendy’s and ordered the same thing. There I was told “Sorry, no substitutions.” I have had it with Wendy’s.

  41. Wendy’s has been having its problems. They recently closed the Hampton Township PA store as they did many others. So what do they do to help? They raise their prices. Baked potato and small chilly, way to high! Burger King and McDonald’s, on the other hand, are making theirs more competitive. Lost me as a regular customer.

  42. If Wendy’s could ever get an order right that would be a miracle!! Another irritating thing is going inside to order and there is no one in the drive-thru but once a there is they get full priority and you have to wait!!! I waited in the drive-thru once for 15 minutes only to be told the chili I ordered had not been cooked by the day shift. 15 MINUTES??? REALLY???? Don’t blame it on the day shift when you come in you should make sure you have chili ready for customers. I agree with the above comments also. WENDYS IS WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the quality of food you get. SHAME on you WENDYS. My spouse loves your food and if not for him i would NEVER go to Wendy’s. It would not break my heart to see Wendys close in my town!!

  43. i live in ma and id say wendys prices are fair because the food is good,compared to mcdonalds or burger king food s-cks ,sometimes u hear about someone getting sick or even finding weird things in the food for mcdonalds and burger king

    1. Really? We’ve eaten at our local McDonalds about twice a week for the last year and have never had any problems. You might want to check with your local health department. ANY restaurant with a lot of violations is a health risk.

      And — no offense — hygiene begins at home. If you hands aren’t clean, illness will seem to follow you everywhere.

    2. McDonald’s and their food preps just don’t have any kind of hygiene in their vocabulary,sad to say(hurls chunks if I think of eating again there.

      1. McDonalds name has been giving a lot of shade and takes most if not all of the blame for the fast food industry, I’ve been behind the sences of some McDonalds and their hygiene is way way higher than anyone gives them credit for. They’re standards have been raising, I would give them another judgement if I was you.

    3. Always have something to fuss about instead of enjoying the food you get mdonalds has always been the best

  44. I received coupons from Wendy’s, but some of them have more than one code so which one should I mention to them? thanks

  45. sorry, I have another question…what is a combo 1-10? Like for example, free dave’s single with cheese with purchase of a Combo 1-10.

  46. I used to eat at Wendys alot more when they served double hamburgers. Now that they stopped serving double hamburgers (ask for a double hamburger and you will always get cheese with it), I’ve gone back to McDonalds.

  47. The 99-cent promotions are over and now the Crispy Chicken Sandwich is back up to $1.39 and a small Frosty is $1.19. I didn’t order anything else but I’m sure other things are higher now, too.

  48. I don’t know about another Wendy’s but the one am buying almost everyday is okay , I can recommend it to everyone, they know me there…if it is not good I will not be going there….Wendy’s you are the best to me. 60478 is my code

  49. Their prices have doubled in just a few years. Their cups of chili and baked potatoes seem to have gotten smaller, too. I used to get both for $3.00 plus tax

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