Burger King Whopper Recipe

It can be a challenge to copy signature menu items from well-known fast-food chains because we’re used to them tasting exactly the same every time. That doesn’t stop us from attempting to recreate them at home though – the fun is in trying to replicate it. That’s what we’re doing […]

Chipotle Quesarito

How To Order The Chipotle Quesarito Off The Secret Menu

Before the internet, fast food secret menus were actually a secret. No one knew if the Twix Frappuccino or Poor Man’s Big Mac existed until they mustered up the courage to order it themselves. But with social media spoiling everything from Bachelor episodes to secret menus, there’s no real surprise […]

Subway Seafood Sensation

Subway Seafood Sensation Recipe

The Subway Seafood Sensation is a discontinued menu item that was so popular, there is a Facebook page dedicated to fans who want to bring it back to the menu. While Subway has not announced its return any time soon, the fandom and recipe live on. Made with imitation crab and […]

McDonald's McFlurry

McDonald’s McFlurry Review

If you are anything like me, you stopped ordering ice cream from McDonald’s a long time ago. Not because you grew out of treating yourself but because the ice cream machines suddenly stopped “working.” For several years, attempting to order a McFlurry was like coming back to a toxic relationship […]