The Latest Positive Changes in Pizza Hut

Some serious additions and subtractions are going to happen to Pizza Hut this July and so here it goes…

Subtract Artificial Flavors

Pizza Hut made some announcements that they are going to make significant changes in their pizza brand and it will start with the removal of artificial flavoring and colors by the end of July.

The move towards zero artificial flavors started more than a year ago. Pizza Hut experts have been working with its suppliers to reformulate the menu to adapt to the trend of healthier fastfoods. Pizza culinary experts are working overtime to effect the “healthy” changes without affecting the flavors and tastes Pizza Hut has been known for. In case no one has not noticed, Pizza Hut has already removed artificial Trans fats and MSG. Pizza Hut has also cut down the sodium. By the end of 2015, as part of what they have envisioned in their Nutrition Bold Goal, 15% of Pizza Hut pizzas’ sodium content will only provide for 1/3 of the daily recommended allowance.

Pizza Hut knows that the only way to keep a good market share from a health conscious society is to provide full information on what they are about to stuff themselves with. And as this clamor for nutritional information continuous, Pizza Hut would like something great to show.

Hot PizzaPizza Hut will add a Pizza Hotdog

But we they lose some of the sodium, in comes the hotdog. The product is called “Hot Dog Bites Pizza” and it is basically a pizza-hotdog hybrid. No, is it not less of a pizza and more of a hotdog? This still a pizza but instead of the usual edges that nobody likes because it’s just barren with ingredients, they filled that up with hotdogs that will be the main focus of the meal. As the Hot Dog Bite pizza lands on the table, it’s everybody for himself. Everyone will be grabbing those detachable hotdogs wraps and dipping them in mustard before swallowing them in whole.

You may be asking who is it for. This new product is for those who like hotdogs. It is also for those who like pizzas of course. And it would be best for those who like both. However great things don’t come without a price as the calorie per slice for this one is 460 and the whole 6-slice pizza is 3,680 calories. Not bad for a cheat day right? But wait, you will probably be consuming more calories for a separate slice of pizza and a hotdog sandwich. Indulging in a slice of Hot Dog Bites Pizza from Pizza Hut may be the healthier alternative for enjoying both American favorites after all.

Pizza Hut is back at 200 E. Taylor Street

May was a very sad month for the Pizza loving community of Creston when their Pizza which has stood on Highway 34 closed after 45 years of being in business. However this Pizza Hut store will not remain close for a very long time as the new franchise owners Joe and Jill Comes are in the process of making the new Pizza Hut store a lot better with a whole new chairs and tables design, top of the line oven plus Sunday buffet and a salad bar.

Joe and Jill are veterans in the Pizza Hut organization as they already own 13 Pizza Hut stores in Iowa and South Dakota. According to the Comes, the people of Creston will be in for such a treat as they promise their buffet to be even better than what they experienced before plus two vehicles have already been reserved to make day time deliveries. One step backward, two steps forward, that the case with this Creston Pizza location; a month without pizza will result to even more pizzas for everyone especially on the Sunday Buffet plus access to day time delivery.

Pizza Movies in Hong Kong

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Pizza Hut customers have the distinct pleasure of eating their Pizza Hut pizzas while watching a movie that is literally being projected from their pizza boxes. The new Hong Kong Pizza Hut pizza box still has the same shape and dimensions but it now comes with a perforated hole on one side and includes a circular plastic lens that fits in the hole. All they need to do is use their phone to scan a code to gain access the Pizza Hut movie list then everything is just pure instinct; enjoy-movie and enjoy-pizza. It’s that simple.

Now, when can we have that same feature here? Everything is still on its test phase in Hong Kong. We can be sure that as soon as all the possible glitches are covered, we will have our own version of this pizza-movie combination here.

So many things are going on right now within the Pizza Hut universe that it is getting harder and harder to track them down as they happen all over at the same time. But that’s always been the case with Pizza Hut. Can you even track down what happens to every slice once you’ve open a Pizza Hut box in your house? It seems that there are way too many invisible hands grabbing each slice that you have to be really focused and alert to save a single slice left for yourself.

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