Taco Bell Releases Holiday Hot Sauce Onesie

Taco Bell just announced the return of one of its hot-ticket items last year, Taco Bell’s Hot Sauce Packet Onesies. The Hot Sauce Packet Onesies come in three variations, Mild, Hot, and Fire and are available on Taco Bell’s online store starting November 26th, 2019. In 2018, the Hot Sauce Packet Onesies were completely sold out in just 24-hours, so fans wishing to get their hands on one of these onesies should keep that in mind. 

The Hot Sause Packet Onesies is a by-product of a partnership between the holiday-themed clothing brand, Tipsy Elves, and Taco Bell. The Hot Sauce Packet Onesies are sold for $79.99 and can be purchased alongside other Taco Bell holiday-themed merchandise such as the Taco Bell Stocking Stuffer Sweatshirt ($40), the Taco Bell Holiday Stocking Socks ($15), and a Taco Bell Sauce Packet Holiday Ornament Set ($20). There is even a six-foot-tall Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packet Inflatable Airblown Holiday Decoration that comes in at $200. 

Taco Bell’s online store also has a selection of nonseasonal Taco-Bell-themed clothing as well such as sweatshirts, tank tops, dresses, swim trunks, bikinis, and more. If you would like to pick up some Taco Bell merchandise, but  would like something more “low key” than Taco Bell’s clothing, there are plenty of other options for you such as the Sauce Packet Scroll Pen, Hot Sauce Packet USB Flash Drives, Sauce Packet Keychain, Mild Sauce Packet Phone Case, Sauce Packet Waterproof Speaker ,and more. 

This news comes in less than a week after Taco Bell announced that it was entering the “Chicken Wars” with its new Crispy Tortilla Chicken

This holiday season we have also seen other restaurant chains get into the online merchandising space as well. Earlier this week Red Lobster released its new Limited-Edition Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweater.

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