Start Your Meal Right with Any of These Mouth-Watering Appetizers

Start Your Meal Right with Any of These Mouth-Watering Appetizers


When it comes to eating in a restaurant, it’s not necessary to save the best for last. Start your meal with appetizers, to awaken your palate and prepare it for a delicious entrée.  For appetizers, your best choices are shrimp cocktails, potato skins, and bruschetta with cheese, among others.


Here are the best starters from several fast-food restaurants. Many of these options can be shared with friends as the servings are generous:


Applebee’s – Ultimate Trios


With the wide range of Applebee’s appetizers, you will have a hard time choosing.  Fortunately, you don’t have to choose one over the other since you can have three starters in one order – the Applebee’s Ultimate Trios!


This is the true winner because each starter awakens a different part of your palate. Yes, it’s a veritable foodie delight.  Make sure you try their cheeseburger sliders, which always delivers on delicious flavors and you’ll never look at ordinary cheeseburgers the same way again.


Denny’s – Pancake Puppies


If you are a fan of pancakes, you will love Denny’s Pancake Puppies. These starters are the perfect blend of soft batter and sweet butter so much so that you will want to pop another one in your mouth as soon as you finish the first one. You can also order Denny’s loaded Waffle Fries to balance the sweetness of the Pancake Puppies with a savory flavor.


UNO Chicago Grill – Pizza Skins


Potato skins are a delight in themselves but when UNO Chicago Grill replaced them with pizza dough, we found yet another reason to be a fast-food fan. Your appetite for crispy potato skins and soft pizza dough will meet its match in the restaurant’s Pizza Skins, which are just so good.


Johnny Rockets – Chili Cheese Fries


Johnny Rockets may have a vintage vibe in its interiors but its menu is anything but. You will find contemporary favorites including its popular starter – the chili cheese fries, which combine the goodness of melted cheese and chili powder over plump French fries.  Your palate will love the combo of gooey cheese and spicy chili, which you may want to replicate in your home soon.  


Olive Garden – Breadsticks


If you have a limited budget but longing for a starter at Olive Garden, ask for their breadsticks. These are free with any entrée order as well as being soft, chewy and delish. You can also pair the sticks with dipping sauce for more explosive flavors.  


Hard Rock Cafe – Potato Skins


No compilation of the best fast-food appetizers would be complete without mentioning Hard Rock Café’s Potato Skins. Just imagine the savory flavors of potatoes and bacon smothered in just the right amount of cheese and sour cream and you are ready to rock. You may also order lettuce wrap appetizers if the potato skins are too heavy for your taste.


California Pizza Kitchen — Avocado Club Egg Rolls


Pizza may be the specialty of California Pizza Kitchen but its best entrée is anything but the popular pie. The Avocado Club Egg Rolls, are a relatively healthy and absolutely delightful starter that combine the best of avocado and everything else on it. You will also find that the rolls are light on the stomach although heavy on flavor.  


Chili’s – California Grilled Chicken Flatbread


This is an appetizer that can also do double duty as a light yet filling snack. Chili’s California Grilled Chicken Flatbread has the best flavors of grilled chicken – look, Ma, no oils! – with the lightness of flatbread on the side.  


Ruby Tuesday – Key West Coconut Shrimp


When it comes to starters, shrimp cocktails are among the first choices and Ruby Tuesday’s Key West Coconut Shrimp is at the top of the list. The coconut battered shrimp has a sweet flavor coupled with a crunchy crispiness to it, which blends perfectly with the multiple dipping sauces. You can add a Ruby Relaxer while you’re at it.  


Are you ready for more food after the appetizers? Plan your meal by knowing the prices first here!  

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