Starbucks Unveils Valentine’s Day Drinkware Around the Country

The world moves on faster from Christmas than Justin Bieber did from Selena Gomez. Starbucks is trading its red and green holiday merch for something a bit more romantic with its new line of Valentine’s Day Drinkware, including tumblers and mugs for both hot and cold drinks.

Starbucks LatteIf you frequent Starbucks, you know that they do not carry the exact same cups, mugs, and tumblers at every location at any given time. Some stores have state-specific merchandise, while others have designs that can be found nationwide. For Valentine’s Day gear, it is no different. According to customers, the coffee company has released a festive, 24-ounce tumbler that features a base of gold sparkles and is accented by red and pink flower-shaped hearts.

Another new item that is sure to sell is the light pink mug with confetti hearts sprinkled all over it. Starbucks fans have also seen translucent plastic mugs that have red, pink, and white hearts inside the handle, which look like sprinkles. There are several other Starbucks Valentine’s Day mugs and tumblers, but you’ll just have to visit your local store to see which ones are available near year.

We don’t know about you, but this cutesy drinkware line is seriously helping us get through our post-holiday slump. And as we approach the next holiday, be sure to keep an eye on our Starbucks Happy Hour page near Valentine’s Day. The coffee chain almost always offers BOGO deals on lattes or frappuccinos to celebrate the day of love.

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