Spring is the Season for Some Delicious Dairy Queen Treats

It was in 1928 when the tune “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” was first heard playing at the airwaves. That was a long time ago. And the song clearly proved how people had been ice cream lovers for the longest time already.

These days, as spring season prepares for the coming warm months, people of Marshall Hill Road at West Milford are looking forward to their trips to their beloved Dairy Queen store and raring to order those delicious ice cream cones and cups, and shakes.

Such cold, sweet treats are sure to offer a solution to everyone’s sweet tooth – it’s most probably a Blizzard.

The West Milford shop, with owners Dennis and Kathy Korsakoff manning it, started operation at the start of March. They will stay in business up to the middle of October.

The store is open 10 hours every day, 7 days a week, and is ably supported by 5 part-time employees.

The Korsakoff couple, who were long-time Vernon residents, have been enjoying blissful marriage around 45 years. They take pride in having been able to raise their 3 children well.

DQ dessertsTwo of the kids belong to the healthcare industry – one is a nurse practitioner, while another is a successful gastroenterologist.

The third manages one of the family businesses, a Thumans distributorship of JMK Divisions.

Korsakoffs are proud of their four beautiful grandchildren, and eagerly awaits for the birth of their twin granddaughters this coming July. One can say these children are lucky because their grandparents run an ice cream parlor.

Mr. Korsakoff, who also acts as the spokesperson of the couple, had the chance to deal with industrial rubber products.

But for the longest time, 14 years to be exact, he had always been longing to own and manage his business. Finally, he tends his very own Dairy Queen.

The company, proud of having reach its 75th year in the ice cream business, has its headquarters based in Minnesota. Its many franchises are found in many locations in the country and all over the world, including its branches in Singapore and Bahrain.

Dairy Queen also has a store in Egypt, and so those who happen to be visiting the amazing Pyramids of Giza, they might want to enjoy cold treats by stopping by the Mall of Arabia and buy some delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard.

Happily, it’s found on DQ’s menu.

Before Dennis Korsakoff was handed the operation of his DQ business, he was required to train for two weeks at the DQ store’s headquarters in Minnesota.

He was also asked, like all other owners of a Dairy Queen store, to reapply for a certification in safe food handling processes.

Whatever might be a customer’s desire in ice cream – perhaps it is the hard type that he craves, Dairy Queen offers sixteen different sweet flavors and one that is sugar free.

Soft serve type of ice cream is available in chocolate, vanilla, and a mix of both.

Those who are looking for something unique might want to order an ice cream cake, known to be a specialty of Kathy.

When it comes to traditional DQ treats, customers may order sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, Dilly & Buster Bars, ice cream sandwiches, shakes and malts, fudge bars, and floats.

For those who are overly sentimental and would like a treat straight from the past, Dairy Queen also offers customized egg creams.

This 2015, the store will bring back the best-seller, Cotton Candy Blizzard, a real hit among loyal DQ customers.

Another brand new dessert item will also be gracing the DQ menu that will surely attract people with ultra-discriminating tastes.

It’s a hot and delectable dessert treat known as DQ Bakes. For sure, the store’s oven will be quite busy baking this one.

Another treat that is meant to appease the sweet tooth of dieters is the calorie-reduced soft serve ice cream. Its fat content is considerably lesser than that of traditional soft serve of DQ.

Dairy Queen’s official website has featured the small vanilla cone to be containing are mere 230 calories.

Another fat and weight-buster is the DQ Fudge Bar, which has no added sugar and fat. Dieters will have a great time feasting at this dessert since it only contains 50 calories. Everyone can enjoy two servings of this and still be guilt-free.

For those who have no any problems with their weight, or quite on the heavy side but simply don’t care, they may enjoy some peanut butter ice cream. It’s filled with awesome flavor and sweetness but reeks of calories as well.

In fact, Peanut butter flavor is a personal favorite of Dennis. “I got it in one time by mistake and was going to send it back. It turned out to be my favorite,” said Dennis.

On the other hand, Kathy loves to lick on soft serve vanilla ice cream topped dipped, albeit not sparingly, in a hard cherry shell.

So popular is Dairy Queen for its ice cream that people from all walks of life can be seen falling in line at its counter. One might find Derek Jeter standing in front of him, waiting for his turn. In fact, Jeter is an avowed DQ fan.

Athletes and ball players from many different teams and sports do seem to be one in liking Dairy Queen.

The Korsakoffs are generous DQ owners, easily giving out 10% team discount. Their store also acts as a sponsor to the community’s girls’ softball team.

Unfortunately to Korsakoff’s loyal customers, they don’t operate in the winter. Instead, it is the time for them to enjoy leisure activities instead as they await next year’s spring to open their store again to the public.

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