ShackMeister Burger Returns to Shake Shack Nationwide

Shake Shack just brought back an iconic fan-favorite, the ShackMeister burger. The burger is recognized for its massive size and thick layer of fried shallots that are loaded with flavor after soaking in a beer marinade. This carefully-crafted burger contains a thick beef patty, layer of melted cheese, spicy sauce, and of course, fried shallots (AKA fancy onion rings).

The ShackMeister was originally released at locations in the United States in 2014 and quickly became a success, so customers have been requesting its return for quite some time. They even offered the menu item at international Shake Shack locations, too. To no surprise, when the fast food burger joint announced the menu item would be returning via Twitter, followers responded with much

Shake Shack Shackmeister
Photo by R4vi on Flickr under the license CC BY-SA 2.0

appreciation. One fan Tweeted, “I can’t believe the ShackMeister is coming back!!! I went almost every week to eat one of these after school. It was THAT good.” Another said, “So @shakeshack is bringing back a monster of a burger from 2014 and it is DELICIOUS.”

In fact, the ShackMeister even earned awards for its unique flavor and popularity. Back when it was originally launched in 2014, the burger was awarded the Best Burger title Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash. A ShackMeister goes for just over $6, and a double is sold right around $9, though prices may vary.

In other recent news, Shake Shack just launched three new milkshakes, called the Classic Comfort Trio. The trio features Cookie Butter, Malted Milk Chocolate, and Frozen Hot Chocolate. Both the ShackMeister burger and the Classic Comfort Trio will be on the menu until mid-March at participating Shake Shack stores.

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