Secret Fast Food Menu Items to Feast On

Fast food aficionados can pretty much memorize the menu items on their favorite fast food joints’ menu. After all, most fast food chains really do have a core menu that sticks all year round and rarely changes. Sure, they introduce new items every now and then but do you know that most, if not all, fast food chains have secret fast food menu items that aren’t on the menu?

If you like fast food and this is the first time you have ever heard of secret fast food menu items then you are in for a treat! Most fast food chains are now promoting these secret fast food menu items because they belie letting customers in on something “secret” makes them feel like they are “in” on something special and will make them more loyal to the brand. It doesn’t really matter why they are doing it – you reap the rewards because their secret menu items are out of this world!

Below are some secret fast food menu items that you really should check out next time you go to a fast food chain for your regular fix.

Panera Bread Power Breakfast Salad

Panera Bread Power Breakfast SaladSome people have suggested that Panera Bread doesn’t seem to know what “secret” means because their supposedly “secret” menu is being advertised in their website and they are even actively promoting it. If you are an avid fan of Panera Bread, you really won’t care because with the secret menu, you get to enjoy a power breakfast that consists of egg bowls with turkey or steak. These are scrumptious and healthy and are not to be missed!

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Starbuck’s Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Starbuck’s Raspberry Cheesecake FrappuccinoStarbuck’s frappucinnos are really quite scrumptious and will fill you up and tickle your taste-buds with delicious flavors and sweetness. They offer the usual caramel, chocolate, and cookies and cream fraps but their secret menu has frappuccinos that you never even thought of. This raspberry cheesecake Frappuccino is as sinful and delicious as it sounds. It is a blend of raspberry and white chocolate and is just the start of a slew of secret Frappuccino drinks.

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In and Out Protein Style Burger

In and Out Protein Style BurgerIn and Out prides themselves on bringing their customers what they want and this is why they have introduced the protein burger. It is part of their healthier and lighter menu – it features In and Outs juicy burger patties and veggies but the bun was scrapped and the whole thing is wrapped in crispy iceberg lettuce leaves. Ask the cashier for a protein burger next time you are at In and out for a delicious and healthy fast food fix.

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The Taco Bell Enchirito

The Taco Bell EnchiritoIt has been said that Taco Bell has one of the largest and most complex menus out there and that is just talking about their regular menu. Their secret items menu is a thing of wonder and includes such items like Chilli Cheese Burrito, Double Grilled Quesadillas, and the enchirito – made up of cheese, beans, beef, onions, and smothered with red sauce.

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The Suicide Burger from Burger King

The Suicide Burger from Burger KingThe name itself is pretty honest because this burger may very well be the end of you. This burger may kill you or it may help you end up on a hospital bed for a triple bypass but this doesn’t stop meat eaters from seeking out this delicious burger. It is made up of four flame-grilled beef patties, four slices of cheese, and heaps of bacon and BK’s special sauce. There are other goodies in the Burger King secret menu and they are all delicious beyond your wildest dreams.

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McDonald’s Big McChicken

McDonald’s Big McChickenDid you ever take a look at the Double-down burger from KFC and thought to yourself that it looked a bit decadent and excessive? Well, the Big McChicken from McDonald’s blows the competition out of the water. This burger is reminiscent of the Big Mac Burger but you take out all the buns and you replace them with deep fried chicken instead. It’s bigger, badder, and fattier than the double down-order it if you dare.

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Land, Sea, and Air Burger from McDonald’s

Land, Sea, and Air Burger from McDonald’sYou really didn’t think that was the beginning and the end of the MacDonald’s secret menu, did you? This is McDonald’s you are talking about, after all. This burger is so secret that it rarely gets any mention and maybe it is a good idea. After all, this burger is a mish mash of chicken patty, fish fillet, and beef patty between buns and bathed in tartar sauce. Tartar sauce and beef- makes you wonder if McDonald’s isn’t secretly testing the capacity of human stomachs.

McDonald’s McGangBang

McDonald’s McGangBangMcDonald’s has a lot of really zany items on their secret menu but this “McGangBang may just take the proverbial cake. It is a burger within a burger since it is made up of a chicken sandwich sandwiched between in a double cheeseburger. Its massive, it’s fatty, and it’s a big fat secret that you have to ask for nicely.

Jamba Juice Green Gummy Bear Smoothie

Jamba Juice Green Gummy Bear SmoothieJamba Juice is well-known for its healthy and scrumptious shakes but it has other tricks up its sleeve that will tickle you silly for sure! This green gummy bear smoothie is not on their regular menu but word on the street is it tastes just like those green gummy bears you liked so much as a kid. It is made of lime sherbet, peach juice, and soy milk.

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The Secret is out!

Not all of these secret menu items are available in each and every store but if you want to give them a try, you might as well ask. These delicious and somewhat deadly menu items will certainly tickle your imagination and your fancy. Who knows what other secrets these fast food chains have up their sleeves but you can get a better idea here.

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