Red Robin Launches Hop-Salt Fries

The next time you visit a Red Robin for their famous burgers, give their hop-salt fries a try! Satisfying beer and french fry lovers alike, these seasoned fries are a combination that feels surprising  – yet one that makes perfect sense.

Hop-Salt fries are a reincarnation of Red Robin’s famous bottomless fries with a spicy twist. But, the flavor is dialed up a notch by adding a seasoning made from the same hops used to brew Samuel Adams Boston Lager. With pumped-up flavor like that, you might want to skip the ketchup and the extra salt!




Hop-Salt Fries: A New Twist on the French Fry

How did this new incarnation of fries come about? Red Robin previewed their unique twist on fries at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival. Lucky attendees to the three-day event were the first to bite into this rather unorthodox rendition of a fry, which earned two thumbs up. They’re available along with their famous burgers and other offerings at Red Robin restaurants across the nation. Like the other bottomless fries that Red Robin serves, these are thick-cut steak fries that never fail to satisfy.

Red Robin Launches Hop-Salt Fries | Basket of Fries | FastFoodMenuPrices.comNow, the big question. How do the new hop-salt fries taste? The special seasoning on hop-salt fries merges with the bitterness of hops and a hint of citrusy orange peel. They then add just the right amount of brown sugar to deliver the tantalizing flavor that French fry lovers crave. The more adventurous eater can dip the fries in the unique citrus ale dressing/dip that accompanies the fries. This dip combines a beer reduction with chives, garlic, and onion for a distinctive flavor that lingers on the tongue. Red Robin is known for their unique dressings and dips that transform their offerings into something special, and now, there’s another flavorful dip to add to the list.

Make It a Meal

You might be tempted to wash the fries down with a beer – and that’s a solid option. But hop-salt fries also go down smoothly with an array of beverages that Red Robin offers its patrons, including soft drinks and iced tea in a variety of flavors. Enjoy them with healthier options, like Red Robin’s blackberry hibiscus herbal tea or strawberry basil lemonade. If you dare after all of those calories, try one of their monster milkshakes or malts. (Go big or go home, right?)

Red Robin Launches Hop-Salt Fries | Red Robin Sandwich and Hop Salt Fries | FastFoodMenuPrices.comRed Robin prides itself on offering a variety of burgers and even cooks up a plant-based burger for those who are transitioning to a plant-based diet. And, what goes best with burgers? French fries, of course. But aside from burgers, they’re also proud of their growing list of bottled and draft beer – so it’s not surprising that they found a way to merge the two. French fries never go out of style or out of favor, and now, they’re even more crave-worthy.

If hop-salt fries aren’t in your area yet, it’s only a matter of time. Red Robin hopes to have these soon-to-be popular fries in stores nationwide by the end of Summer 2018. The big decision will be whether to savor them as is or dip them in the thick, citrus ale dressing/dip. Why not do both?

So, get ready to have more options the next time you visit your local Red Robin Restaurant and don’t forget to sample the hop-salt fries!

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