Red Lobster Releases New Limited-Edition Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweater

With the holidays fast approaching, one company is making it easier for you to pick out the perfect stocking stuffers for the seafood lovers in your life. Red Lobster just announced its new limited edition Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweater. The new Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweater has a  hidden trick up its sleeve, more precisely, its pocket. The new “Ugly” Holiday Sweater features an insulated pocket for keeping your favorite seafood treats warm. The black sweater is embellished with colorful images of shrimp, biscuits, lobsters, and snowflakes, which helps bring out that Christmas spirit. 

Red LobsterRed Lobster’s new limited edition Cheddar Bay Biscuit “Ugly” Holiday Sweater will be available for pre-order on the company’s online merchandise store at for $39.99. The online store will also carry other limited edition Red Lobster collectibles such as t-shirts, Cheddar Bay Biscuit Fanny Packs with insulated pockets, and more. is Red Lobster’s first online pop-up merchandise store and is expected to go live on November 26, 2019. As we mentioned earlier, all items featured on the online store are limited edition and will only be available while supplies last. 

While this is the first time Red Lobster has ventured into the world of online merchandising, it is certainly not a new concept in the restaurant industry. In recent times, we have seen similar offerings from restaurants such as Chili’s, KFC, and McDonald’s. In 2018, we saw Pancake-Themed Holiday Merch from IHOP

In addition to the announcement of its new merchandise store, Red Lobster also announced that they will be offering free delivery November 29 through December 5 when customers order directly from

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