Quiznos Brings Back Lobster & Seafood Classic Sub

Spring is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing – seafood season is upon us. In celebration of the upcoming season, Quiznos has announced the return of the fan-favorite Lobster & Seafood Classic sub. This will be the tenth year the Lobster & Seafood Sub has been on the menu, and it is already available at participating Quinzos locations. The sub will be on the menu until May 4, 2020, along with a new and highly-anticipated menu item, the Cajun Lobster Sub.

Quiznos Lobster & Seafood Classic

The Cajun Lobster Sub is simply a spicier version of the wildly-popular Lobster and Seafood. The original classic is stuffed with lobster and seafood salad and lettuce, while the Cajun version includes a seasoned, spicy lobster and seafood salad, lettuce, tomatoes, and Cajun aioli. Both subs can be orderd a la carte or in a combo meal with chips and a drink.

Per a press release, Sheila Zimmerman, Vice President of Marketing, REGO Restaurant Group, owner of Quiznos said, “We are excited to bring back a sandwich that our customers look forward to with eager anticipation each year – for a decade now.” She continued, “The new Cajun Lobster sub brings a perfect blend of new flavors to a Quiznos staple that consumers have come to know and love over the last ten years.”

The Lobster & Seafood Classic is sold for $6.25 for a four inch sub, $8.25 for an eight inch, and $10.25 for a 12 inch. Customers can choose to enjoy their sub on white bread, wheat bread, rosemary parmesean, or jalapeño cheddar. Add-ons are also available, such as extra meat, cheese, bacon, guacamole, and au jus sauce. To save money on the Lobster & Seafood Classic and Cajun Lobster Sub, join Quiznos Toasty Points club where members can get an eight-inch sub for just $5.

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