Quick and Cheap Eats In NYC


In the city that never sleeps, there’s nothing that you can’t experience, especially in terms of culinary indulgence and great deals. If you’re new in New York, and you simply want to start exploring some good, cheap eats in NYC, the following food havens are something that can satisfy both your cravings and your pockets.

 cheap eats in nyc

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Attention spice-loving folks! The Spicy Village is the exact utopia for you. For just less than six dollars, you can already enjoy an overwhelming bowl of spicy noodles, seaweed, bok choi, or other sundry veggies topped with happy chunks of tofu and fresh pieces of cilantro. Just mix everything well with the good quarter-inch of broth on its bottom and feel your eyes sinking sumptuously right into your skull. You can locate this spicy hideaway at 68 Forsyth Street right between Hester and Canal Streets on the Lower East Side.

cheap eats in nyc

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Beer and pretzels are great together. If you still haven’t tried it, then you’re possibly missing something huge in your life. Singlecut Beersmiths’ pretzels are the perfect match to any brewery’s suds. From mellow pilsners to extra better IPAs, you can take it all here. A huge regular salted pretzel is all yours at just $4 plus a spicy horseradish mustard for the dip. You can upgrade it to a Truffle Cheddar pretzel at just $5 that comes with a pot of molten beer cheese. You might also want to try their Churro Pretzel at $5 that goes with an indulging Nutella dipping sauce. Visit 19-33 37th Street in Astoria, Queens to experience all this pretzel-lovin’ goodness.


 KuKu Canteen

This spot right here isn’t exactly the kind of Korean restaurant you have in mind where you tend to sit around a fitted grill and barbecue on your own. This place is a hit for NYU students as it sits right on the campus, taking the fast-food setup and offering reasonably priced versions of Korean foodstuff like bibimbap, soondubu, pajeon, or cooked bulgogi. This is a paradise for the budget-conscious folks who also happen to fancy Korean food. Go visit KuKu Canteen and grab all the tasty kind of fun with the entire gang.

cheap eats in nyc

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Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Peter Pan has been tendering some of Brooklyn’s most addicting donuts for over 70 years now, and you have to taste for yourself why they’ve managed to get consistently busy for the past 7 decades. Whether you are a sweet tooth or not, you have to try their apple crumb, blueberry cake, cinnamon bun, chocolate cake, honey dip, cream crumb, marblered velvet cruller, and more. Visit them at 727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York. You won’t regret it.

cheap eats in nyc

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Shawarma House

It may look like a simple juice bar from the outside but wait till you see—i mean taste—what’s in. They have 2 grease-dripping shawarma cylinders—the beef lamb combo and the chicken combo. (I like the chicken better). They can be made into bargain pita sandwiches or rice-pilaf platters. There are also good stuff for the vegetarian ones. We have the falafels fried to order along with other Middle Eastern delights, like baba and hummus. There’s also the Indian vegetarian samosas that comes with some yogurt raita and the Syrian cracked-wheat kibbe generously stuffed with pine nuts and ground beef. You might also want to try their Turkish flatbread gozleme deliciously stuffed with potatoes and mushrooms.

cheap eats in nyc


New York certainly has a lot to offer. The stops above are just some of the many. Living in New York is a total bliss since just about any kind of food you can possibly crave is just around the corner. Don’t let even a single craving pass. Go out, drive around, and explore the tasty treats here and there.

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