Popeyes Thanksgiving Family Feast

Thanksgiving has become synonymous with turkey. It is the main feature on every plate this holiday, but let’s face it, not everyone loves turkey. Some of us are partial to chicken. This Thanksgiving, Popeyes is offering an alternative. Popeyes is offering its new Churkey meal, allowing families to sway out their turkey for the company’s famous original recipe chicken.

Popeyes Thanksgiving Family Feast

Popeyes’ Churkey meal is designed to feed a family of four and features eight pieces of Popeyes signature crispy fried chicken, four biscuits, and one large side of your choice. Customers can choose from :

  • Mashed Potatoes With Cajun Gravy
  • Cajun Rice
  • Red Beans And Rice
  • Cajun Fries

The Churkey meal is available through to November 29th via Uber Eats for $19.99. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on location. Keep in mind that Popeyes is also giving away their famous fried chicken sandwiches for free to anyone who spends more than $20 on their order. That’s one more thing to be thankful for. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the CDC has recommended small gatherings this holiday season. This means many people would be less inclined to spend hours hustling in the kitchen. Popeyes Churkey meal is an excellent alternative, and we look forward to other restaurants following suit. 

Suppose you have invited a guest over for Thanksgiving or perhaps just need a little more than the Churkey meal. In that case, there are tons of other options available at Popeyes, including their new Twisty Wicked Shrimp and Smoky Garlic Tartar Sauce. If you are dead set on having Turkey for Thanksgiving, Popeyes is also selling pre-cooked turkeys for $39.99 each, and they are available for pre-order through Thanksgiving Day.

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