Penn Station Is Giving Away Free Fries To Celebrate New Year

In honor of the New Year, Penn Station’s president is blessing us with free French fries (yes, you heard that right). From now until next Tuesday, January 15, you can stop by your local Penn Station and receive an order of fries with the purchase of a sub. Depending on your location, a small fry normally costs $2.19.

Penn Station SubsThis promotion is valid at Penn Station locations nationwide, and there is no coupon necessary to redeem the offer. Simply place your order in stores or online to receive your free, fresh-cut fries.

Penn Station hosted the same “Happy New Year from our President” promotion last year, as well. According to the company, they offer the freebie as a way to ring in the New Year and give thanks to customers. Penn Station is also known for giving away free fries on National Fry Day, which falls on July 13 this year.

For January, Penn Station’s Monthly Special is the Pizza Sub, which comes with pepperoni, ham, pizza sauce, provolone cheese, and parmesan cheese. Normally, the special comes with a small fry and a drink, but if you order the sub on its own by next Tuesday, you’ll still get your free order of French fries. By signing up for Penn Station’s email program and downloading their app, you’ll have even more chances to score exclusive specials, coupons, and deals.

There are plenty of other ways to get freebies at your favorite fast food restaurants all year round. Check out our free fast food page to find out more.

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