Papa John’s Further Introduces “Better Ingredients” Via Social Media

Top Pizza company Papa John’s has been leveraging channels on the Internet to make known all its pizza products’ quality – no MSG, trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils, BHA / BHT, and fillers or extenders in its meat toppings.

As the food chain has been consistently delivering better and healthier food for over thirty years, Papa John’s made another positive step, which is to share information about its pizza menu as well as ingredient statements.

Papa John’s has long been offering a disclosure on details about the nutritional value of its ingredients. It truly desires to help its consumers obtain better and easier access to these data through enhanced digital channels.

A quick and convenient means of getting such data will help them completely determine and be aware what they are eating from Papa John’s.

Ingredients of all PJ pizza products will be shared to the public for them to fully understand as to why Papa John’s pizzas taste so special.

papa-johns“I believe that Papa John’s has one of the ‘cleanest’ pizza ingredient labels in the QSR pizza industry,” assured Papa John, owner and CEO of the restaurant Chain.

He explained that even before he started his very first Papa John’s joint, he already had previous experience cooking pizzas, whipping up these delicious Italian fare at Jefferonville, Indiana’s Rocky’s Sub Pub.

Being someone who belongs to the restaurant business, he is fully aware that the best quality and most healthful ingredients are highly important when cooking and serving food products to customers. He still holds this belief at Papa John’s.

The restaurant itself has prospered through the years because of the superb quality of its food, which is why it is more than willing to divulge information about its great ingredients.

Transparency within the food industry has been demanded by consumers more than ever before.

Consumers are becoming more and more meticulous about the food that they order and eat in restaurants, particularly when it comes to ingredients and their quality.

Papa John’s responds to this by becoming more conscious about the preparation of cooking of its pizzas. The restaurant continues to check the labels, using only the best in the market.

It is also conscious about current food trends, allowing its products to evolve based on such trends.

At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice the unique taste of standard Papa John’s pizza that long-time customers have come to love and always expected to enjoy.

The restaurant makes sure that every item served is in its most healthful taste, meaning, it has no bad fats, much less salt, and no artificial fillers. Only fresh, natural, and organic ingredients are considered to make pizzas.

In order to meet the demand for increased transparency, Papa John’s is intensifying its involvement in the social media by releasing a number of videos in Vine and Instagram.

These online videos are complemented by Facebook and Twitter content that discuss information about pizza ingredients.

The social media-based content intends to provide consumers the opportunity to have a closer look at each ingredient, and know why it is the best choice for a particular Papa John’s pizza.

Posted at Papa John’s numerous social media accounts over the coming 7 weeks, such content will focus on every ingredient of the pizza – from the dough to the various cheeses of the highest quality.

Week after week, customers and food enthusiasts will be able to know more about these ingredients. They will realize how serious the company is when it comes to the quality of ingredients.

Customers will see how Papa John has dedicated itself in getting the best ingredients for its pizza products. People will now know how the store will not stop until it gets and uses only the best ingredients.

Bob Kraut, chief marketing officer of Papa John’s, says the company offers assurance to consumers who demand transparency by making this information available to them.

He added that Papa John’s doesn’t want to go the path in which its competitors do not list their ingredients. The company doesn’t want to hide it simply because there is nothing to hide.

Papa John’s is sure that it uses only the best ingredients – always.

The company is proud to say that nutritional information and ingredient details can be easily accessed in its website, allowing every interested customer to know how its pizzas are cooked and what ingredients had been used.

Papa John has always been mentioning about “Better Ingredients,” which means the company likes to challenge its customers to check at all the ingredients that go into Papa John’s products.

It invites everyone to log into its site to have a better look at its pizzas and other Papa John’s food items.

Papa John’s International, with headquarters at Kentucky, is known as the third-largest pizza delivery chain in the world. In recent years, Papa John’s has been rated No. 1 in terms of customer satisfaction among all US pizza chains.

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