Papa John’s Brings Back Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

Papa John’s has brought the famous Jack-O-Lantern Pizzas back by popular demand. The festive Halloween pie will be available for a limited time, but don’t be spooked! The pizzas are cuter than they are scary, featuring an adorable Jack-O-Lantern face outlined with pepperoni.

Papa John's Jack-o-lantern pizza
Papa John’s Jack-o-lantern pizza

If you saw the Jack-O-Lantern pizzas from last year on social media, you may have noticed they don’t always end up looking as adorable as they do in the advertisements. In fact, some images of wonky looking Jack-O-Lantern pizzas went viral. Luckily, it all tastes the same going down even if you find yourself with an ugly pizza.

The Halloween pizza is selling for $11 this year. Keep in mind, it won’t come pre-sliced like Papa John’s pizzas normally do. this is to give you the chance to snap your Instagram photo and enjoy the Jack-O-Lantern design before you dive in. You can order the pizza for contactless delivery until October 31 when the clock strikes midnight. Happy Halloween!

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