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FoodSize / VarietyCaloriesFatCarbsProtein


Chow Mein510208013
Chow Fun4109739
Fried Rice520168511
Brown Steamed Rice4204869
White Steamed Rice3800877
Mixed Vegetables (Side)800.5164


Country Style Bean Curd19112147
Eggplant Tofu34024237
Hot Szechuan Tofu1408106
Mixed Veggies (Entree)35082


Black Pepper Chicken280191513
Kung Pao Chicken290191416
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken30013836
Grilled Asian Chicken30013836
Teriyaki Chicken340131441
Asian Chicken340131441
Mushroom Chicken220141112
Orange Chicken370184413
Potato Chicken19010188


String Bean Chicken Breast19091314
SweetFire Chicken BreastTM380154713
Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast300124010
8 Treasure Chicken Breast230121120


Beijing BeefTM470264613
Broccoli Beef1507139
Shanghai Angus SteakAsparagus310191622
String Beans320191722


Crispy ShrimpEntree1202269
Honey Walnut Shrimp2003.53513
Golden Treasure Shrimp16033514
Steamed Ginger Fish1102.5815


Crispy Shrimp3 pcs1306135
Chicken Egg Roll1 roll20010206
Chicken Potsticker3 pcs1606202
Cream Cheese Rangoon3 pcs1908245
Vegetable Spring Roll2 rolls1908273


Hot & Sour SoupCup1205147


Teriyaki Sauce700160
Sweet & Sour Sauce700210
Chili Sauce1 Packet10020
Soy Sauce1 Packet5000
Potsticker Sauce1 Packet10030
Hot Mustard1 Packet10100
Plum Sauce1 Packet15030
Chocolate Chip Chunk Cookie1 pc1607252


Pepsi22 oz2400670
30 oz3300920
42 oz46001290
Diet Pepsi22 oz0000
30 oz0000
42 oz0000
Mountain Dew22 oz2600700
30 oz3600950
42 oz51001330
Dr. Pepper22 oz2100560
30 oz2800760
42 oz39001060
Mug Root Beer22 oz2400630
30 oz3300890
42 oz46001190
Sierra Mist22 oz2400650
30 oz3300890
42 oz46001240
Lipton No Calorie Brisk Peach22 oz0000
30 oz0000
42 oz0000
Lipton Brisk Raspberry22 oz1900510
30 oz2600690
42 oz3700960
Sobe Lean22 oz0000
30 oz0000
42 oz0000
Tropicana Fruit Punch22 oz2600720
30 oz3600980
42 oz51001380
Tropicana Lemonade22 oz2400650
30 oz3300890
42 oz46001240
Tropicana Pink Lemonade22 oz2400650
30 oz3300890
42 oz46001240
China Mist Iced tea22 oz0000
30 oz0000
42 oz0000


Chow Mein28012367
Chow Fun3006536
Fried Rice35010577
Brown Steamed Rice3103647
White Steamed Rice2400545
Mixed Vegetables (sides)600123


Country Style Bean Curb122894
Eggplant Tofu25018175
Hot Szechuan Tofu100674
Mixed Veggies (Entrees)30062


Black Pepper Chicken200141110
Kung Pao Chicken200141011
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken1808522
Grilled Asian Chicken1808522
Teriyaki Chicken2008825
Asian Chicken2008825
Mushroom Chicken1301.589
Orange Chicken260133210
Potato Chicken1408156


String Bean Chicken Breast14071011
SweetFire Chicken BreastTM280123510
Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast27010359
8 Treasure Chicken Breast1709815


Beijing Beef35043410
Broccoli Beef1106107
Shanghai Angus SteakAsparagus240141217
String Beans240141316


Crispy Shrimp4 pcs1708176
Honey Walnut Shrimp20013147
Golden Treasure Shrimp21010208
Steamed Ginger Fish70435


Pepsi12 oz1300370
Diet Pepsi12 oz0000
Mountain Dew12 oz1400380
Dr. Pepper12 oz1100300
Mug Root Beer12 oz1300340
Sierra Mist12 oz1300350
Lipton No Calorie Brisk Peach12 oz0000
Lipton Brisk Raspberry12 oz1100280
Sobe Lean12 oz0000
Tropicana Fruit Punch12 oz1400390
Tropicana Lemonade12 oz1300350
Tropicana Pink Lemonade12 oz1300350
China Mist Iced Tea12 oz0000

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  1. I had panda here in this there Georgia and it’s so good! The Beijing Beef is just so flavorful that you wont want anything else after you have that there. Just finger fork licking good. Yee Haw TRY IT!! BEIJING BEEF NOTHING ELSE!!

    FOR THE QUEEN!!!!!

  2. I love Panda Express I usually go to the on in Culver Plaza Irvine, CA and everybody literally loves them for their chowmein, fried rice and of course their ORANGE CHICKEN everybody at my school just loves the orange chicken

    1. There are many locations in where Panda Express is located in Dallas, TX. Ill give you 5 addresses to help you out:

      4390 Dallas Fort Worth Turnpike
      Dallas, TX 75211

      9411 Webb Chapel Rd
      Dallas, TX 75220

      13350 Dallas Pkwy
      Dallas, TX 75240

      17602 Midway Rd
      Dallas, TX 75287

      8687 Ncentral Expy
      Dallas, TX 75225

      Hope I helped! 😀
      – Sam

  3. I was surprised after looking at your website and then going to the local store and was told that the honey walnut shrimp was $1.25 extra. Otherwise, the meal was very tasty but I am reluctant to return lest I am surprised again.

  4. I went to Panda Express to get my granddaughter and myself dinner. The bill was almost $16.00 for two of us. When I looked around to get us a fortune cookie, they were no longer there. I looked back at the counter and it said Fortune Cookies .99 cents. Are you not giving them free anymore? That was part of the “draw” to Panda Express. What happened?

  5. A couple of friends and I got together for lunch Sunday afternoon. I had never had anything from Panda Express so I sampled their food and I must say I was very surprised at how good it was. I really enjoyed the Mushroom Chicken and the Beijing Beef. The Chow Mein and Fried Rice were also good. I did not, however, care for the Egg Roll or Cream Cheese Rangoons. I do believe I will have to try other dishes like Honey Walnut Shrimp and Shanghai Angus Steak.

  6. I recently tried Panda Express and now eat there or get take-out once a week. It took a few trips to finally figure out what was the best combo, and the best value, IMO. The chow mein with three sides, teryaki chicken, orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp is my favorite. Get the teryaki sauce on the side. If preferred you can get 1/2 chow mein and half fried rice. I was a little taken aback at the extra charge for the shrimp, since the serving is relatively small, 7 pcs. (or 8 pcs. if you luck out!). But it is so good, I just figure it in as the total cost of my meal. And the fortune cookies have always been thrown in free of charge at the Panda Express where I eat. I recommend accepting their offer of a free sample or two each time. Still usually always order the same thing.

  7. I like Panda Express a little bit. But what I’m really crazy about is there sweet and sour chicken. I don’t really worry about the price cause it’s just so good!!! MMM…..

  8. Panda express is my favorite restaurant ever. I don’t live close to one but me and my sister drive down every now and then. Or we go to the mall and its just so delectable!

  9. I’m pregnant and I live like five mins from Panda express and that is all I ever want to eat. Everytime I’m there I get 2 entrees and a side. I’ll get double orange chicken and my side is chow mein.

  10. To little there putting in the plate not enough and the last time I order in drive thru I have to wait 15 minutes for the angus steak to cook….that’s why it called drive thru to be more fast….

  11. Hi there to all, the contents present at this web site are in fact remarkable for people experience, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  12. WAY, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! We only go to Panda Express when they send out a coupon for a free entrée.

    Otherwise, for just a little more money, we can go to the nearby Chinese restaurant for all-you-can-eat buffet.

  13. You need a simpler menu – one 8 x 11 printable page. with basic info. I side & 2 entrees :$6.50, 1 side & 3 entrees: $6.08, available sides listed, available entrees listed, A La Carte prices, Add-On items w/prices. Note Kid’s meals sixe & price, Family Feast size & price.
    A take out menu would be helpful.

  14. Panda Express is so good. They have amazing food. And the prices are good. And the people that work there are so nice and they do a really good job. It’s the best Chinese food I have ever had.

  15. Instead of calling it a kids meals, why not call it smaller servings so that anyone that wants a smaller portion can have it.

    1. you can order a kids meal as an adult no one is going to care. they call it a kids meal to make you think the portion is too small for an adult but in reality it’s still a lot of calories

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