New KFC Wings Delivered For Free Throughout Football Season

It only took 67 years of business for KFC to start serving chicken wings, but better late than never. As of this month, KFC has added Kentucky Fried Wings to their permanent menu.

It’s perfect timing, actually. In the heat of football season, wings are in high demand. And since nobody wants to be pulled away from their TV screen, KFC plans to offer free delivery through Grubhub and Seamless.  Available wing flavors are Buffalo, Nashville Hot, and Honey BBQ. You can also order Classic wings (no sauce). Whether you are swinging through the drive-through or ordering online for delivery, you can order a six-piece, 12-piece, 24-piece, or 48-piece to share will a whole clan.

Another likley reason KFC made the move to add chicken wings to its menu is because of the competition. Most places that serve wings for game day, like Buffalo Wild Wings, come with a long wait time – whether you dine in or choose carry-out. Nothing is worse than showing up to a crowded sports bar and waiting forever to have your food served, but with KFC, you can snag made-to-order wings faster than ever.

Plus, it’s a food that is guaranteed to sell this time of year. According to the National Chicken Council, wings are Americans’ favorite food, especially during football season. During  Superbowl LIII, it is projected that 1.38 billion wings will be eaten. KFC, you are in for a flood of orders.

KFC’s biggest competitor in the wings market will likely be Pizza Hut’s Wing Street, but with free delivery, KFC may have a major leg (or wing) up.

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