McDonald’s Vegan Burger Is Going To Be Legendary

Everybody’s talking about meatless burgers. And while it may seem odd that a fast food chain would serve a burger without any meat, the oddest part is that McDonald’s – out of all franchises – has yet to launch one of their own. Until now-ish, that is. Rumor has it (and by rumor, we mean the producer of the burger itself), the McDonald’s meatless burger is on its way to launching soon, and it’s unlike anything else that’s on the market.

By meatless, we don’t mean customers are served two buns with no patty. Meatless burgers look, feel, and taste a heck of a lot like a regular burger, but instead of beef, the patty is plant-based and completely vegan.

Many of McDonald’s competitors have already launched plant-based foods. There’s Burger King with the Impossible Whopper, White Castle with the Impossible Sliders, Dunkin with the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, and TGIFridays with the Beyond Burger.

So, why hasn’t McDonald’s spearheaded this clean-eating trend? Well, they kind of already have. In Sweden, McDonald’s serves the plant-based McFalafel, which have been coined “meatless chicken nuggets.” In the United Kingdom, they serve a vegan Spicy Veggie Wrap and in Canada, they just started serving the Beyond Meat P.L.T. (Plant. Lettuce. Tomato.). Plus, McDonald’s already serves Incredible Burgers in Germany, so it’s not a far off hypothesis to believe that McDonald’s locations in the United States will finally join the plant-based club.

Especially because the producer of the plant-based burger made the announcement that they are releasing the first-ever vegan bacon cheeseburger. Could McDonald’s be one of the lucky restaurants to serve such a mouth-watering masterpiece?

Aside from keeping up with competitors, there’s another reason it’s likely McDonald’s will release a plant-based burger in the near future. Nearly 225,000 fans signed a petition to encourage McDonald’s to offer customers a “healthy, meatless option.” And while we love the idea of a vegan McFalafel, a burger is likely the first step. So, while competitors have led the plant-based market in the US by default, McDonald’s may just come out on top once the rumored vegan burger is released.

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