How to Order the McDonald’s McCrepe in the United States

McDonald’s has locations all across the globe, from its home in the US to Europe to Asia and everywhere in between. However, Big Macs and fries aren’t this fast food chain’s bread and butter on every continent. McDonald’s specializes in international cuisine from poutine in Canada to sweet corn in Japan and the Pizza McPuff in India. And while it’s nearly impossible to get those unique dishes without hopping on an airplane and traveling overseas or across borders, there’s one international dish that you can order right here in the States.

The McDonald’s McCrepe is a highly-sought-after dish available at select locations in France. In fact, it’s so popular that a variation of it was added to the secret menu so you can order it without dropping boo coo bucks on a plane ticket.

How to Assemble the McCrepe

If you’ve ever had a crepe before, you may be a bit thrown off by what the secret menu considers to be the famous McDonald’s McCrepe. It’s not exactly created with a thin layer of dough and creamy filling, like the traditional French pastry is. Instead, it’s essentially a pancake folded in half with yogurt, granola, and even bacon in the middle. Sure, it’s not as fancy and definitely not authentic, but still pretty tasty if you’re in the mood to try something new.

McDonald's Hot cakes are used to create the McCrepe
Photo by Willis Lam under the license CC BY-SA 2.0

However, if you roll up to your local McDonald’s drive-through and ask them for a McCrepe, you’ll probably get some confused faces and eye rolls on the other side of the speaker.  This secret menu item is more of a DIY treat, so don’t expect the worker to assemble your crepe in the kitchen. Instead, you will need to order all the ingredients separately and put this one together yourself. We’re all bored at home anyway, so why not try it out?

You’ll want to order:

  • As many pancakes as you want crepes
  • A yogurt parfait
  • Bacon strips (optional)
  • Anything else you’d like to fill your crepe with!

Once you get your order, simply scoop out some of the parfait into each pancake and fold it in half. Top with syrup if you’d like. Be prepared for a messy, but delicious, breakfast.


If you just order hot cakes and a yogurt parfait, your total should come out to around $3.49, depending on your location. But if you add additional fillings like bacon, expect the price to be a bit higher.


  • Calories – 410
  • Fat – 18g
  • Carbs – 46g
  • Protein – 16g

For more under-the-radar breakfast items from the McDonald’s secret menu, check out the Egg Burger and the Chicken McGriddle.

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