McDonald’s Debuts New Shamrock Shake With Oreo Pieces

In light of the 50th anniversary of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, the fast-food restaurant will be giving customers the opportunity to get their hands on the ever-popular mint shake beginning February 19, 2020, at all McDonald’s locations across the United States. For more exciting news, the restaurant is also introducing their new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry alongside the Shamrock Shake. Both will only be available for a limited time.

Mcdonald's Shamrock Shake
Photo by Roadsidepictures under the license CC BY-NC 2.0

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake was created since 1967 by McDonald’s owner and operator Hal Rosen in commemoration of St. Patrick’s Day. In 1970, this popular beverage made its first appearance at just a few McDonald’s locations in the United States.

The Shamrock Shake is made up of vanilla soft serve and Shamrock flavor (mint), crowned with a fluffy whipped topping. Next in line is the new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which features a blend of vanilla soft-serve, Shamrock flavor, and tiny chunks of Oreo cookies.

In September 2019, the fast-food restaurant introduced a beverage that is quite similar to the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry called the McDonald’s Oreo Mint McFlurry. This drink was available only for a limited time and customers could have purchased it at a price of $2.69. Similar to the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, the drink featured a mixture of Oreos, ice cream, and a minty twist. 

Customers should take advantage of the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake limited time offer because it hasn’t been sold countrywide since 2017. Per a press release, McDonald’s vice president of menu Linda VanGosen said, “We’ve been serving the iconic, cult-favorite Shamrock Shake for 50 years and it’s become synonymous with McDonald’s ever since.” She continued, “We’re excited to serve up a new way to experience the one-of-a-kind Shamrock flavor in our new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry.”

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