McDonald’s Contribution to a Healthy Diet in 2016

Newsflash: Will McDonald’s stop serving its overweight customers come 2016?

Obesity in the US has doubled over the span of 20 years and it has already become one of the leading public health issues as of today. With over 2/3 of the entire adult population in the overweight category, McDonald’s decided to take part in providing a solution.

According to several reports, starting March 9, 2016, this top fast food chain will no longer be serving women who have a body mass of more than 180 lbs and men with a weight of more than 230 lbs. Children’s weight restrictions vary depending on their height and age.

Currently, McDonald’s is running campaigns to eliminate its “junk food” image. The management insists that they’re selling nothing but food items of good quality. This food store is actually branding itself from the usual “dining experience of fast food” to “quality food served fast.”

The tricky question is how would this fast food restaurant know a customer’s actual weight? Will the crew be going around asking questions and simply trust the customer’s answer? No.

Scales will be provided at every register so as to weigh all McDonald’s customers. One has to stand on one of these scales when placing an order. Failure to do so would only mean you won’t be served just the same.

There are plans to post signs so as to let people know and understand the establishment’s legal right to “refuse service.” For drive-through customers, this system might be a bit difficult to enforce. But, in case the customer appears to be beyond the weight limitation, he’ll be refused service the moment he passes through the drive-through window.

McDonald’s New Value Menu to Debut in 2016

McDonald’s McPick gets to be introduced come January 2016. This value menu embodies the fast food chain’s continuous efforts to provide top quality food at the best possible price. The first ad will be to offer McPick for $2 and this will be from January 4 to February 8. Lisa McComb, McDonald’s spokeswoman said on Tuesday that adding this menu offers choice and flexibility to the buying public.

“McDonald’s will not cease to offer its usual dollar value menu and more value menu, but certain items will be shared with McPick,” says McComb. It can be recalled that the dollar menu was introduced to wean clients off the $1 value menu that was previously offered. The objective of McPick is to encourage customers to spend more cash as well as to shake this fast food restaurant’s reputation for offering cheap food.

“We can still own the so called modern definition of food value,” says Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s Chief Executive. The remark was uttered during McDonald’s investor meeting held last week. Easterbrook likewise said that the new value platform is already in being implemented.

Easterbrook previously vowed to restructure McDonald’s as a “contemporary, progressive burger company,” and certain steps have been undertaken to bolster the experience and value of McDonald’s recipes by using butter as a substitute for margarine on an Egg McMuffin. This fast food outlet will also be switching to eggs that came from cage-free hens and chicken from animals that were raised with fewer antibiotics.

Last October, McDonald’s has reported a stronger increase in sales during the third quarter, and this occurred at various established restaurants. This increase ended 6 straight flat quarters or declining results.

McDonald’s Lucky Bags Content Revealed in 2016

Are excited to know what you can obtain in one of the lucky bags from McDonald’s?

It’s our favourite time when different stores create a mystery lucky bag with different prices so as to nab money during the New Year. Even fast food outlets such as McDonald’s are putting together their mystery bags so as to participate in the madness.

You may grab 2 of McDonald’s offerings for $24.85 or pay $20.70 for the “anything goes” bag. Although it’s likely that those lucky bags contain similar items because of the nature of a mystery bag, it cannot be safely stated that you’ll be receiving the same stuff.

With this out of the way, the next thing to do is to get on with the bags. Take a closer look at a merchandise-only bag. Of course, you would not think that people do not want a McDonald’s branded item. They do, actually. Customers are happy displaying their loyalty brand and lots of stores are taking advantage of that.

These are the items that you can find in a single lucky bag:

• Picture for coloring purposes

• Puzzle

• A face towel

• McDonald’s fleece knee blanket

• Big Mac stuffed toy

• Reusable Big Mac bag for shopping which is capable of holding the rest of items

The foregoing 5 pieces which can be found inside the McDonald’s bag will certainly appeal to true McDonald’s fans, but for the rest of the population, the absence of free food will likewise keep them away.

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