McDonald’s Buy One, Get One For $1 Deal Is Back

We all love a good deal. The phrase buy-one-get-one (BOGO) usually grabs our attention because we know it usually means significant savings. If you are a fan of McDonald’s, then boy, oh boy, do we have some great news for you. McDonald’s is bringing back its popular buy-one-get-one for $1 deal at participating locations for a limited time.

McDonald’s Buy One, Get One For $1 Deal Is Back
Courtesy of McDonald’s

Of course, as with any other BOGO deal, you pay the regular price for one menu item and get the second (of equal or lesser value) for just a dollar more. The buy-one-get-one lineup includes your choice of any two of the following menu items:

  • Big Mac
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Chicken McNuggets (10-piece)
  • Filet-O-Fish

You are free to mix or match any two of these menu items listed above. One of the menu items’ cost is typically around $5 but keep in mind that pricing may vary a bit depending on location.

Considering that these are some of McDonald’s most popular items, the buy-one-get-one for $1 is a pretty sweet deal (no pun intended). Be mindful that McDonald’s buy-one-get-one for $1 deal is only for a limited time, so if you plan on capitalizing on the savings, be sure to do so sooner rather than later. 

Something else to keep an eye on is McDonald’s McRib sandwich. McDonald’s announced that McRib would be making a return nationwide starting December 2nd. Check out our review of McDonald’s McRib sandwich

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  1. Here in Jeff City Mo the McDonnell on 10 mi dr has sign in front Buy a Mcrib meal get sandwich for a dollar. BUT they have the meal for $5.65 but instead one dollar for the sandwich they charge $9+ thats lot more than one dollar so we will not go back . False Advertising

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