Latest Food on Burger King’s Menu

So what’s new on the Burger King menu? Actually, Burger King is offering quite a lot of new items. They’re all part of its efforts to make sure that their customers find more reasons to visit again.

The New Sandwiches

Let’s start with the sandwiches. After all, for many of us the sandwiches are the main reasons we go to Burger King in the first place. There’s a new Rodeo Burger, with a tasty fire-grilled beef patty accompanied by crunchy onion rings and sweet and spicy BBQ sauce.

There’s also a Rodeo Chicken sandwich version as well which features crispy chicken instead. Meanwhile, the Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich is a hot new twist on the original version, with white-meat chicken and a light breading that comes with black pepper and cayenne. It’s all topped with the classic creamy mayo and fresh lettuce, and served on a toasted sesame seed bun.

bkbkThen there’s the brand-new Big King™, which gives you two tasty fire-grilled beef patties. It comes with pickles, onions, fresh lettuce, and melted American cheese, along with thousand island style dressing. It also has a middle bun too, unlike the previous versions of the Big King. With the BBQ Rib Sandwich, you get a savory boneless rib patty with the sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. The Big Fish Deluxe Sandwich, on the other hand, features White Alaskan Pollock breaded with crispy panko, and it’s served on a toasted Artisan style bun.

BGSatisfriesYou’ll probably want some fries with all these, and Burger King also has something new for that. For a limited time, they’re offering a special French fries called Satisfries™. It’s bigger in taste as it is in fat. They’re crinkle-cut from real whole potatoes, and they’re truly fried to perfection. That means on the outside they’re always nice and crispy, while inside they are hot and fluffy. That sounds perfect, right? But there’s more. It also has 40% less fat than the original, and 30% less calories. So you get more deliciousness with less guilt!

The Latest Offers

With Burger King, you can depend on them to make sure that their promotions aren’t all about new food items, but also great deals as well. One popular offer is the 2 for $5, in which for just $5 you can get two of any of the following items: Big Fish Sandwich, Big King™, Big Fish Deluxe, Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich, and Original Chicken Sandwich.

For just $2.99, you can also get an excellent breakfast consisting of the sausage, egg, and cheese Croissan’wich® and a small Coffee. You can also supplement any of your meals with a small smooth roast Coffee, a small order of Hash Browns, or 3 pieces of French Toast Sticks. That will only set you back a single dollar.

And as for the new Rodeo sandwiches mentioned earlier, they only cost $1 each. That goes for the Rodeo Burger and the Rodeo Crispy Chicken. The same $1 price applies to the BBQ Rib Sandwich. That boosts the number of Burger King’s $1 menu items to more than 20. The public’s response to these $1 offerings has been tremendous, and the Burger King management has promised that it will continue its efforts in offering delicious food items at amazingly affordable rates.

And for those people who really love Burger King, there are savings to be had with the BK® Crown Card. You can buy these for your friends as a gift, although you may as well buy one for yourself.

Brand New Drinks

But the new menu items aren’t limited to just food—there are new drinks too. Since a lot of people are enjoying special coffee drinks these days, Burger King is also offering its own version of latte, and they’re available with 2% or nonfat milk.

The plain version is made from Latin American Arabica coffee, and it really is quite excellent. The Caramel Latte shines with its buttery goodness, while the Vanilla Latte is infused with the classic vanilla taste. With the Mocha Latte, it’s all about the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate-y yumminess.

You can even do without the coffee altogether and just go for the Hot Chocolate with its sweet and creamy goodness. For those whose caffeine cravings come from tea, there’s the Iced Tea that can go with many of your favorite menu items. You can even take it unsweetened if you want.

But for those who want the comfort of all the old favorites, they’re all still there so there’s no reason to fret. The classic burgers and sandwiches will always continue to be available. After all, they’re a big part of the reason why Burger King is so successful. So there’s no reason to expect that they will disappear any time soon—or ever!

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