Krystal Adds Eggnog Shake Back To Menu For The Holidays

Krystal is introducing their Eggnog Shake to customers nationwide one more time. Throughout the holiday season, customers can have their Eggnog Shake for $2.99. The restaurant is offering this item on their menu only for a short period of time and 

KrystalKrystal’s Eggnog Shake complements this season by blending vanilla custard, soft-serve ice cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg, topped with whipped cream.  Brandon Freeman, Krystal’s senior manager for culinary innovation, says “Customers always ask if Krystal’s Eggnog Shake is spiked. We advise them to go out and purchase our eggnog shake, then bring it home and add two ounces of their favorite bourbon to make it boozy.”

Krystal’s Eggnog Shake is not the only menu item showcasing itself this holiday season either; Krystal has also released an Eggnog Bread Pudding recipe, which is done using their very own signature hamburger buns instead of a regular bun. 

Paul Macaluso, Krystal’s President and CEO also said, “Our guests crave vibrant flavors and have come to expect our southern fun-sized take on recipes.” This was released after Krystal brought out their Nashville Hot Chik menu item in September this year, and straight after came the release of the Eggnog Shake. 

Many other fast-food chains also have added Eggnogs to their menu list this season, such as McDonald’s which released its McCafe Eggnog Shake and Starbucks releasing their Eggnog Latte again for the 17th year. Why miss out this holiday season? Make it a date at Krystal.

Availibility is based on location, and prices may differ by restaurant. 

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