Krispy Kreme’s Merch Store Features A ‘Hot Now’ Sweater

Nothing exudes the Christmas spirit more than slipping into your favorite holiday wear, spending time with family around the Christmas tree, and indulging your taste buds. This holiday season, Krispy Kreme’s has added its new  ‘Hot Now’ Light Up Sweater to its Merch Store, which is sure to brighten up fans’ spirit this season. 

Krispy Kreme’s Hot Now Sweater
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts” Photo by Jim, the Photographer
Under The License
CC BY 2.0

The phrase “Hot Now” doesn’t mean that sweater would keep you warm (which it would); it represents a vital part of the Krispy Kreme experience. If you are picking up one of Krispy Kreme’s iconic donut in-store and you see the “Hot Now” sign light up, then you know you are getting a fresh batch of donuts right from the oven. 

Krispy Kreme’s ‘Hot Now’ Light Up Sweater has a cool trick up its sleeve. As the name suggests, the ‘Hot Now’ sign lights up. The ‘Hot Now’ Light Up Sweater features fourteen red LED bulbs that can be turned on via a switch located inside the sweater on the wearer’s right. The Red LED lights flash in fun patterns. 

Krispy Kreme’s ‘Hot Now’ Light Up Sweater is one hundred percent acrylic and is entirely machine washable. Before tossing it in the washer, just remember to remove the included batteries. The ‘Hot Now’ Light Up Sweater size ranges from small to double XL and comes in one festive color; Black/Red.

You can pick up your ‘Hot Now’ Light Up Sweater at Krispy Kreme’s Merch Store along with brand themed clothing and accessories.

If you are at a Krispy Kreme store for the holidays, you should definitely check out their Nicest Holiday Collection and thank me later. 

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