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Food Size / Variety Calories Fat Carbs Protein

Nutritional Facts

Hamburger w/Onion 390 19 39 16
with mustard & ketchup instead of spread 310 10 41 16
Protein® Style (Bun replaced with Lettuce) 240 17 11 13
Cheeseburger w/Onion 480 27 39 22
with mustard & ketchup instead of spread 400 18 41 22
Protein® Style (Bun replaced with Lettuce) 330 25 11 18
Double-Double w/Onion 670 41 39 37
with mustard & ketchup instead of spread 590 32 41 37
Protein® Style (Bun replaced with Lettuce) 520 39 11 33
French Fries 395 18 54 7
Chocolate Shake 590 29 72 10
Vanilla Shake 580 31 67 10
Strawberry Shake 590 27 81 8
Coca-Cola Classic 195 0 54 0
Diet Coke 0 0 0 0
Seven Up 200 0 54 0
Dr Pepper 200 0 52 0
Root Beer 219 0 60 0
Lemonade 179 0 40 0
Minute Maid Light Lemonade 8 0 1 0
Coffee 5 0 0 1
Milk 180 6 18 12

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    1. Yes you’re right, I just had the double double combo and paid 6.98 in Vegas. Combo is made of the burger, regular fries, and medium drink.

  1. In-N-Out is my favorite restaurant ever! They have good food good drinks and good service. I LOVE IN-N-OUT!!!!!

  2. I’m with Wanda… I lived in CA for 45 years where In n Out is king to FL in 1997. Still missing my IN n OUT.

  3. In-n-Out is Great! Your list is completely under-priced though and needs updating. I just bought one cheeseburger, one fry, and one vanilla shake and the total was $6.53 here in Southern California. Meals are around $5-$6.


    ‘ GET A FRENCH FRIE ????

  5. Some of these math problems are getting hard….let’s see, what minus 3 = 2? ummmmmm
    Anyway I went to in-and-out a couple of years ago, took the burger home and refrigerated it. I took it out to warm and eat it a few hours later, but when I looked at it, it was like coated with Crisco. White congealed fat was all around the burger, and between the 2 patties you wouldn’t have believed how much was there. I threw it away and never went back. I buy and refrigerate BK double whoppers and never have this kind of problem.

      1. lol @Esther: You crack me up. That’s correct McDonalds and BK use loads of preservatives. In-N-Out uses all fresh and includes the fat, which gives it great juicy flavor.

  6. Jim: that’s fat from the meat. It congeals at fridge temp, which happens with all meat fats. It’s a normal part of a greasy burger. If anything, it’s a sign that they’re using pure beef and not a soy/wheat-protein/beef combo like most other fast food chains.

    But if you want to eat fast food often enough to order meals for later, then I guess you’ve gotta do something to mitigate it.

  7. You shouldn’t go to In-N-Out for the fries, let me say that right out the gate. They cut their potatoes FRESH all the time, and then they fry the cut potatoes to order. That might sound like a recipe for success, but when it comes to french fries…. it’s just not. You gotta soften the potato somehow before you fry it in order to get a delicious fry with a soft inside and crispy outside. Most places accomplish this by “double frying” them. That’s LOTS of fat/oil to get the perfect fry, which In-N-Out just doesn’t do. So, this is a good thing in that their fries are much healthier (as far as deep fried foods go), but the texture just isn’t what you’re looking for. If you were to order your burgers at In-N-Out, then drive to the nearest Jack to get your fries, I wouldn’t blame you.

    Also, the “limited menu” is very misleading. In-N-Out has a VERY vast Secret Menu that’s not really very secret. Shouldn’t really make a difference as far as tracking their prices go, because asking for different sauces or different bun alternatives won’t impact the price. But asking for more beef patties and cheese slices will.

    In the old days, you could get a 100×100 burger!!! (That’s 100 beef patties and 100 slices of cheese, but this were removed from offer because of… pfft… public outcry over health. It’s a SECRET MENU OPTION! It’s not being advertised to children’s faces… What’s the big deal?) Anyway, soap box aside, you’re limited to 4×4 as the maximum now, but you can have it in any arrangement you want: 4×3, 3×3, 3×4, 4×1, 2×1, 1×4 (that last one is ONE beefy patty, smothered in FOUR cheese slices… mmmmm) or any way you want it, as long as the max patties/slices is 4.

    It’s got great options, they’re delicious, they’re cheap, and the food is real animal product, unlike many other fast food alternatives.

    So take it from me, the listed menu above is NOT accurate to what’s actually on offer at any given In-N-Out. The prices may be right, but the full list is missing. It’s “secret” in name only. Most patrons know all about the menu, and they know how to order what they want all the time, and the registers are designed with these so-called “secret” orders so there’s no difficulty in recording the order. Walk in asking for a 4×3 with ketchup instead of the house sauce and grilled whole slice onions with mustard grilled patties and a side order of animal fries, and they know exactly what you want. By the way, that order is DELICIOUS! Try it out some time! =D

    1. In-N-Out just put up a brand new restaurant in Grants Pass and I got there today for lunch. Burger was fantastic and fried absolutely PERFECT. Sorry, JS. I cook my own fries like that, too, fresh skinned/sliced (but baked) and fresh fries are the only way to go.

  8. I hadn’t had an In-N-Out burger in 15 years and just had one. They’re a bit smaller in diameter now, and the order of fries was a bit smaller, but they still tasted absolutely marvelous.

    Price change: Cheeseburgers are now $2.60 and fries $1.75, so update your prices, FFMP.


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