IHOP Launches Raspberry Cannoli Crepes

IHOP is rolling out the red carpet with the introduction of the new Raspberry Cannoli Crepes.  The pancake house is offering the Raspberry Cannoli Crepes only for a limited time at a few participating IHOP locations across the United States.

IHOPThe restaurant has given customers the option to choose the Raspberry Cannoli Crepes on their own or include them in a combo deal. The new Raspberry Cannoli Crepes come with two crepes filled with sweet ricotta cream and chocolate pieces. Raspberry, cannoli pieces, and chocolate chips are placed on top, as well as a dust of powdered sugar and whipped topping.

The combo deal is served with the Raspberry Cannoli Crepes, two eggs your way, two hickory-smoked bacon strips or two pork sausage links, and crunchy hash browns. Here’s a look at the nutritional information for Raspberry Cannoli Crepes: 

  • Calories: 860 calories
  • Fat: 36 grams
  • Sodium: 710 milligrams
  • Carbs: 121 grams
  • Sugar: 79 grams
  • Protein: 15 grams

Furthermore, IHOP has a list of other offers that customers can enjoy. The restaurant is still offering free All You Can Eat Pancakes with the purchase of any breakfast combo. Customers should also take note that the “All You Can Eat Pancakes” offer is only available for dine-in guests. To receive more information, you can visit their website.

IHOP is also featuring on their menu the new Green Chile Omelette, made up of marinated pulled pork, jack, and cheddar cheese, red and green peppers, as well as green chile verde sauce, then topped with sour cream. Moreover, this is served with three buttermilk pancakes of your choice. 

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