National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day 2020: Freebies & Deals

Happy National Cookie Day! As with any food holiday, you can find freebies all over the country today. From fast food joints to sit-down restaurants and grocery stores, there are tons of places to snag a free cookie (or two, or three) today. So, where are the free cookies hiding? […]

How To Make a Delicious Thanksgiving Feast With Fast Food

Thanksgiving’s around the corner, and you have no plans, no guest list, and no desire to cook. Don’t give in to the societal pressure to create a fancy, five-course meal. Opt for a Thanksgiving fast food feast instead, making it easy to piece together a sumptuous supper without dirtying every pot […]

Fourth of July Fast Food

Celebrate the Fourth of July Fast Food Style

The Fourth of July is hotter than blazes in most parts of the country. If grilling out in the sweltering heat isn’t your idea of fun, fear not. Instead, feed your hungry, huddled masses a Fourth of July fast food feast. After all, what’s more American than the local drive-thru? […]

Fast Food Christmas Feast

How To Make a Delicious Fast Food Christmas Feast

Christmas is a sacred holiday for many, and for many others, it and the various holidays that coincide with it are all about spending time with dear friends and family, exchanging gifts, maybe enjoying some cocktails or board games. No matter how you do Christmas, the center of all this […]