Hardee’s Tests Out Holiday Cuisine With “Thanksgiving in a Box”

Hardee’s is gearing up for the holidays like the rest of us with the release of the new “Thanksgiving in a Box.” Available now until December 3, this menu item serves as an experiment for the fast food chain; this is the first time Hardee’s has ever released a seasonal menu item for the holidays.

This combo meal isn’t stuffed with traditional holiday cuisine, however. Thanksgiving in a Box contains stuffing breaded tenders with two sides – sweet potato waffle fries and toasted onion-coated green beans. The holiday meal also comes with a bowl of chicken gravy to drizzle on top or use as a dip for the tenders.

Thanksgiving in a Box costs $6.99 and is only available in Jacksonville, Florida, for the test run. If all goes well, Hardee’s may decide to offer the combo meal in other areas, as well as expand its menu with more seasonal offerings.

Hardee’s is not the only fast food chain to take a stab at serving Thanksgiving-style food. Thanksgiving in a Box follows restaurants like Popeyes, Boston Market, and Cracker Barrel who have premade Thanksgiving-dinner-inspired options for a limited time during holiday season. Cracker Barrel and Boston Market prepare a full-blown Thanksgiving Dinner with turkey, sides, and dessert, while Popeyes offers the premade Cajun Style Turkey.

After evaluating the success of Thanksgiving in a Box, Hardee’s will decide whether or not to bring it back in 2020. We’re putting our trust in you, Florida. And while the rest of may not be able to taste test the holiday meal this year, we can still order our favorites on November 28 because Hardee’s is one of the fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

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