Hardees/Carls Jr. Nutrition

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FoodSize / VarietyCaloriesFatCarbsProtein


Made from Scratch Biscuit™43026437
Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin™ Biscuit32014463
Jelly Biscuit46026527
Sausage Biscuit620434413
Sausage & Egg Biscuit690484619
Smoked Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit790574823
Country Ham Biscuit500304416
Chicken Fillet Biscuit650415419
Country Steak Biscuit640425214
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit610384621
Bacon, Swiss, Chicken and Egg Biscuit840545634
Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit580354620
Loaded Omelet Biscuit620394819
Monster Biscuit ®880614835
Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy620395710
Sunrise Croissant® with Ham390232918
Frisco Breakfast Sandwich®450194524
Low Carb Breakfast Bowl®68059233
Loaded Breakfast Burrito580304630
Hardee ™ Breakfast PlatterBacon900576429


Hash Rounds®Small26015232


Grass-Fed All-Natural* Burger780495630
Original Thickburger®1/3 LB780485634
2/3 LB1100735758
Cheeseburger1/3 LB640335633
2/3 LB970595757
Mushroom & Swiss Thickburger®1/3 LB680385336
2/3 LB1000635459
Bacon Cheese Thickburger®1/3 LB8505454542
2/3 LB1170795566
Frisco Thickburger®1/3 LB840554643
2/3 LB1150804766
Double Thickburger®2/3 LB1130775858
Monster Thickburger®2/3 LB1300905376
Thickburger®1/4 LB530353423
Cheeseburger1/4 LB440233723
Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich560283837
Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich35064627
Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich710366435
Spicy Chicken Sandwich440234414
Regular Roast Beef Sandwich310142818
Big Roast Beef Sandwich500234828
Hot Ham ‘N’ Cheese™290112917
Big Hot Ham ‘N’ Cheese™530205134
Jumbo Chili Dog390262315
Double Cheeseburger380193318
Small Cheeseburger300133313
Small Hamburger25093211
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders™3 Piece260131325
5 Piece440212141
Chicken TendersKids Meal400193719
CheeseburgerKids Meal520236215
HamburgerKids Meal470206113
HotdogKids Meal570345015


Natural Cut French FriesKids24012313
Crispy Curls®Small36018465
Beer-Battered Onion Rings41024453
Side Salad (no dressing)120777


Fried ChickenBreast370152929
Green Beans401.552
Cole SlawSmall27022171
Peach CobblerSmall2808521
Mashed Potatoes and GravySmall901172


Chocolate Chip Cookie2 wrapped cookies24010362
1 Fresh Baked Cookie29015352
Apple TurnoverWithout Cinnamon Sugar Topping27013353
Single Scoop Vanilla Ice CreamSugar Cone30014376
Hand Scooped Ice-Cream Shake™710338714

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  1. I work at Hardees. We don’t sell curly fries. Our shakes are more than $2.99. And you don’t even have the breakfast menu on here.

  2. I love Hardee’s. I get coupons and eat so cheap it is awesome !! I get 2 bacon, egg and cheese biscuits for $2.29 and a $1.00 diet coke with light ice for a total of $3.51. When I eat lunch I will get either a 1/3 lb thick cheeseburger for $1.79 and a $1.00 diet coke or a $1.99 1/3 lb original thickburger with a $1.00 diet coke. This morning I got 2 sausage, egg and cheese biscuits for $1.88 and a $1.00 diet coke. I do get tired of fast food occasionally and go eat a buffet somewhere. Coupons are the name of the game now. Most restaurants are too expensive these days.

  3. Please include a date with this list. Fast food prices go up so quickly throughout each year that I don’t know if any of these prices would actually be available if I drove down to me local Carl’s Jr. right now.

  4. please add the following
    (1 Fried Bologna and velveeta biscuit
    (2 ham and velvetta biscuit
    plus i saw coupons for the bologna biscuit but has not been added to the menu
    (3 the new Mile high bacon thickburgers

  5. I’m curious to what the actual contents of the $5.00 bag mean is and what, if any, condiments can be added. The first ones we got (my wife and I) we asked if we could have lettuce and tomato/pickles. We were told …”any way you want them”. No extra charge. Same with the hot dog. We were asked if we wanted chili and/or onions. Again, no extra charge.
    The next time we stopped for the $5.00 bag(s), same story.
    And, the third time we opted for the same thing, all comments were the same.
    While helping my brother-in-law with his deck, his wife went to get us the $5.00 lunch (3 of them). When asked what she owed, the response was $19.00 and change. She questioned them what was the cost above the $15.00 for (3 bags). The response was for the chili on the three hot dogs.
    Needless to say, I am at least a little curious on the actual pricing.
    I haven’t yet tried the other “$5.00” meals available at the other fast food places but, this may prompt me to do so.

    1. Mark i think this menu page relates to Hardees only but could be wrong anyways Hardees does not have the Breakfast Burger but Crls Jr has it

  6. can u add the Burger The Most American Burger 1/2 lb and 1/3 lb and the 1/4 lb Burgers and the New Orange Cream Shake thanks

  7. isee theon tv ,,buy no hardeesfor 100miles roundtrip i live in newton ks. please put 1 inwicata ks. tomboyles ph3162834517 yhank you

    1. They advertise for places that are within a 50 mile limit. I used to see Bojangle’s all the time and looked it up. Of course it was 48 miles away.

  8. When I stay at the hotels near LAX there is a Carl’s Jr. that has a sandwich named “BIG CARL” but I don’t see it on the burger list above. It is comparative to a Big Mac but much bigger and better. I order it every time. Add it to your price list, please.

  9. I just got shorted $1 at the drive-through. There was no receipt in the bag, but the item was (using a coupon for $2.39) three chicken taquitos. With local tax that comes to $2.60, but I was given $2.40 — i.e., charged $3.60.

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