Half Off Pizzas at Dominos This Week

Domino’s has made a grand appearance over the internet this week. In the hype of Cyber Monday, Domino’s is offering 50% off all pizzas to their online customers. This promotion is only valid all of “Cyber Week,” from December 2, 2019, through December 8, 2019.

Dominos Christmas HoursDomino’s has a variety of toppings customers can indulge in. By ordering any pizza online, pizza lovers will automatically receive this discount off their order. In addition, customers need not worry because Domino’s 50% off all pizza deal is valid for both carryout and delivery orders. 

Online customers should be advised that any additional items besides pizzas such as dipping sauces, drinks, and more will be subject to an additional fee. Domino’s customers have numerous other ways to redeem this Cyber Week deal. Customers can use their Apple or Android devices, as well as a Kindle Fire to order through the Domino’s app. Orders can also be placed using Domino’s Anyware ordering through Google Home, Alexa, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

Consumers are used to Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts on their favorite clothes, accessories, and electronics, but the fast food industry went full-force this year by offering tons of deals on food.  Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s spokeswoman said, “The online deals don’t stop at the retail level – now hungry shoppers can get a great price on their pizza too.” In addition to Domino’s, Applebee’s, Cheesecake Factory, Del Taco, and Dunkin’ Donuts had major deals yesterday, too. 

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