Fazoli’s Adds New Plant-Based Meat Sauce To Its Menu

Move over plant-based burgers. Fazoli’s just announced the Italian fast food chain will be testing a new plant-based meat sauce, made with Impossible® meat. The sauce will only be served at Fazoli’s locations in Lexington, Kentucky, while it is in the trial phase, that is.

Fazoli'sSo, what menu items can you order with the Impossible® meat sauce. At participating locations, you will be able to order the Impossible Spaghetti or theImpossible Baked Spaghetti. Both dishes come with unlimited breadsticks. The Impossible® meat is made from soy and potatoes.

The plant-based sauces, and many other vegan-friendly fast food items, are created to offer inclusivity and to offer customers with certain diet limitations the opportunity to still enjoy their favorite foods. It was also important to Fazoli’s to create a flavor that does not stray far from what they are known for – delicious, traditionally-inspired Italian fare. This way, both plant-based dieters and meat lovers can enjoy the dish, regardless of what its protein is made out of.

Fazoli’s is the first Italian franchise to utilize Impossible® meat in its sauce, but now that the ball is rolling, we’re guessing they won’t be the last. Most people recognize the Impossible and Beyond Meat brands for their burgers, but there have been several other plant-based menu items released this year. Here’s a peak at the major fast food chains that started serving vegan menu items in 2019:

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