Old Chicago Nutrition

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom is an American restaurant that first opened its doors in Boulder, Colorado. As of recently, the company is franchised, and there are approximately 110 Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom restaurants in the United States. The restaurants opening hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. […]

Fast Food Restaurant Nutrition

It is no secret that fast food has a reputation for lacking nutrition. For years, restaurants only offered options full of fat, sugar, and sodium. Fast food was never about health – it was about convenience and simplifying daily routines.  However, that is not the case anymore. People are more […]

A Look at McDonald's Dollar Menu | McDonald's Dollar Menu Items | Fast Food Menu Prices.com

A Look at the McDonalds Dollar Menu

Everyone loves a good cheap meal every now and then when we’re strapped for cash. So many fast food restaurants offer a dollar menu these days. The one we will review in this article is McDonald’s. McDonald’s Dollar Menu has been around for a long time and although it doesn’t […]

Jack in the Box

15 Meals At Jack In The Box For 500 Calories Or Less

When you think Jack in the Box, you might think tacos. Cheap, greasy, unabashedly satisfying tacos. Or, you might think burgers or breakfast, but surely, you don’t think healthy. And you’d be justified – Jack in the Box is not a place to go if you’re working on keeping your new year’s […]

Burger King Nutrition

Curious about Burger King Nutrition information? Over the years, Burger King Nutrition has evolved to accommate many different diets. Whether you are looking for a classic burger and fries or something a bit healthier, there are menu options for everyone. BK has even released menu items that work for diets like […]

Chipotle Nutrition

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KFC Nutrition 2021

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most popular restaurants for southern-style comfort food, from classic fried chicken to mashed potatoes, wings, and biscuits. If you are planning to eat at the fast-food chain anytime soon, you may be wondering about KFC nutrition info, like calories, protein, carbs, fat, and sodium. Fortunately, anyone can find all […]

Taco Bell Nutrition 2021

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