Burger King Suicide Burger

Burger King Secret Menu Suicide Burger

Secret menus are often comprised of outlandish creations that no restaurant would dare advertising on the regular menu. From burgers stacked a mile high to candy-bar-flavored milkshakes, the sky’s the limit, and that’s no exception for Burger King’s Secret Menu Suicide Burger. The daring name says it all – it’s […]

Wendy's Barnyard Burger

Wendy’s Secret Menu Barnyard Burger

People don’t talk about the Wendy’s Secret Menu enough. It’s been around for years and is filled with some of the most jaw-dropping food items I’ve ever seen. From skyscrapers of burgers to coffee-Frosties, there’s a lot to get excited about here. One of the most outlandish items on the […]

11 Best Fast Food Smoothies

Summer is upon us, which can only mean one thing – it’s smoothie season. From chocolate and peanut butter concoctions to strawberry banana to tropical mango, there’s a blend for every tastebud, but not all smoothies are created equal. Some are chalk-full of protein powder and fresh berries while others […]

Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino

Starbucks Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino

Starbucks has a way of turning all our favorite candies and desserts into creamy, indulgent drinks. From the Twix Frapp to the Cinnamon Roll version, there’s no shortage of sugary delights to choose from. But as pretty as they sound, it’s not always obvious how to get your hands on […]

The Habit Burger Veggie Burger

Best Fast Food Veggie Burger

Meatless burgers are nothing new. Restaurants from Burger King to Freddy’s to Johnny Rockets have developed recipes that not only taste like real burgers but look like them, too. Veggie burgers once focused on ingredients like mushrooms and black beans, and while there’s still a handful on our list that […]

In N Out Animal Style Fries

In-N-Out Animal Style Fries

All fast food joints respond differently when they hear about the secret menus that customers have created out of their ingredients. Some just ignore it, some refuse to make what’s on it, and others completely embrace it – In-N-Out is one of those. Rather than keeping the secret menu under […]

Five Guys Patty Melt

Five Guys Patty Melt Secret Menu Burger

The fast food world is no stranger to food mashups, and the one we are about to introduce to you is one of our all-time favorites. Take a grilled cheese and a classic hamburger. They’re both amazing on their own, but combined? You get the Five Guys Patty Melt. If […]

Arby's Onion Rings

Best Fast Food Onion Rings

All onion rings are not made equal. Some are just crunchy enough. Some have the perfect onion to batter ratio. And some are downright too soggy and overpowered by giant slivers of slimy onions. The sauce that accompanies your order is a huge factor, as well. As our readers, you […]

Popeyes Kids Meal Chicken Leg

12 Best Fast Food Kids Meals

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, fast food is the way to go. As a parent, you may be a bit wary about things like nutrition and quality, while your kids are probably most concerned about the fun toys that come in each kids meal. We’ve already talked […]


McDonald’s Secret Menu Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese at McDonald’s? You bet. If you bat your eyelashes and say “pretty please” enough times, you may be able to snag the secret menu sandwich, which is especially good news for those of you who need more meatless options. It’s surprisingly easy to order a grilled cheese from […]

Del Taco Epic Scrambler Burrito

9 Best Fast Food Breakfast Burritos

There’s something about starting off the day with a breakfast burrito that makes everything better. While they don’t tend to be the healthiest option, they’re loaded with savory, greasy meats, eggs, and cheeses, and depending on where you go to order one, you can even score a burrito stuffed with […]

Arby's Melt

Arby’s Secret Menu Melt

The Arby’s Melt falls somewhere in line with Burger King Cini Minis and KFC’s Doubledown – all classics and fan-favorites that were taken from us way before we were prepared to say goodbye. At the time, no one understood why the Arby’s Melt was pulled from the menu so soon. […]