Outback Steakhouse Lobster Tails

Best Outback Steakhouse Items

Going to Outback is always a treat, especially if you’re in the mood to grub on something indulgent and flavorful. They’ve got all the steakhouse essentials – cuts of all shapes and sizes, fluffy mashed potatoes, and seafood sides. But how in the world do you narrow down your options […]

Taco Bell Happy Hour

Taco Bell Incredible Hulk

One of the best parts about any secret menu is looking through the creative names that people have come up with for each item. From the Superman to the Cheesarito, Taco Bell’s secret menu has quite a few interesting options, including the one we’re featuring today – the Incredible Hulk. […]

LongHorn Steakhouse Stuffed Mushrooms

10 Must-Order Items at Longhorn Steakhouse

You may expect mediocre filets and droopy salads when you think of chain steakhouse food. But LongHorn has always exceeded expectations when it comes to their premium cuts, delicious cocktails, and appetizing sides. If you’ve ever been to one, you know the pain of having to choose just one entree […]

Jamba Juice Pink Star

Jamba Juice Pink Starburst Secret Menu Item

If you’re the kind of person who hand-picks the pink Starburst out of the bag, we have good news for you. The fruity goodness in your favorite candy can be slurped in the form of a smoothie at Jamba Juice. But if you don’t see it on your local shop’s […]

Wendy's Grilled Asiago Ranch Club

Best Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

In a world that worships the fried chicken sandwich, it’s hard to stand out on menus when you’ve got the “grilled” label slapped in front of your name. From blackened to broiled, no one seems to pay attention to the lower carb variations, despite being healthier alternatives than those covered […]

Shake Shack PB & Bacon Burger

Shake Shack Secret Menu PB & Bacon Burger

Shake Shack’s menu is pretty limited, offering five burgers, a few chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and desserts. And while I can’t say I’ve ever ordered anything off the menu that I didn’t love, there are many customers who want more options. Fortunately, with the Shake Shack secret menu, fans can […]

Qdoba Chicken Queso Burrito

Best Fast Food Burritos

A classic burrito is a no fail fast food option. You get your favorite protein, veggies, and carbs wrapped up in one central location. You can eat it on the go, on your couch, or on a date. Smother it in queso or keep it lean, whatever your heart desires. […]

McDonald's Land, Sea, & Air Burger

McDonald’s Land, Sea, & Air Burger

Deciding on your McDonald’s order can be tough, especially when burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fish filets all sound good at the same time. So, why not order all three? Fortunately, you can turn to the McDonald’s secret menu for the ultimate sandwich that combines three of the fast food chain’s […]

Arby's Meat Mountain

Arby’s Secret Menu Meat Mountain

Arby’s is known for its meaty sandwiches, from the Beef N Cheddar to the Smokehouse Brisket. Stacked high and built wide, these sandwiches are full of protein with layers of cheese, sauce, and other delicious toppings. But if you think your standard roast beef sandwich is a mouth-full – think […]

CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza

Best Fast Food Pizza

All pizza chains are not made equal. You’ve got your go-to delivery joints – the ones you can rely on to serve you a greasy pepperoni just the way you like it every time. Then you’ve got the craft pizza places with artisan options and toppings you’ve never even heard of. So, […]

bk suicide burger

BK’s Suicide Burger (AKA The Quad Stacker)

If you love meat and cheese but have a strong disdain for veggies, BK’s suicide burger was made for you. Possibly by you, I don’t know your life. But you won’t find this veggie hating beast on BK’s menu often. It has four patties, four slices of American cheese, and […]