Fast Food Chains to Provide Better Offers to Beat Competition

Starbucks Offer Mobile Order and Pay

Currently, it’s easier to count popular chains that have not yet launched or tested mobile ordering. Ordering through mobile applications gives a restaurant a revolutionized way to get client data, increase the usual bill and deliver different orders directly to their client’s kitchen so as to cut out the middle man.

However, automated ordering through kiosk hasn’t caught on in a similar way, despite several tests done during the last few years. As online and mobile ordering increase, many in-store tablets might become more integrated as well as accepted as part of many clients’ fast food experience. This would also mean fewer necessary employees that gains an awful lot of importance as the battle over minimum wage continues across the country.

Snacks Instead of Breakfast

Few years after endless breakfast news coming from McDonald’s all day breakfast and Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco, it’s time for one more daypart to have an opportunity in the spotlight, and that daypart is snacktime.

“We are experiencing the gradual shift towards a new snacking culture. Snaking isn’t a taboo. Well, not what it used to be ten or fifteen years ago,” says Hughes.

That is definitely good news for fast food chains that are still trying to find new techniques to draw in clients. Starbucks’ assessment to focus primarily on food as well as McDonald’s $1 mozzarella stick offers are just two examples of chains aiming to increase sales with their new snacks that are somewhat outside of the fast food chains’ traditional offerings.

You can expect more fast food stores to do the same, particularly as the breakfast market is becoming increasingly saturated.

Expanding Manner of Delivery

It’s time for fast food stores to gain because of so many lazy customers. “We’re expecting to obtain things even without leaving the comfort of our home,” says Hughes who believes that fast food chains are still far from being the only players when it comes to the delivery game.

Earlier in December, it was time for Starbucks to partner with Postmates, an application-based delivery service. A delivery test was conducted in Seattle and it became successful. Other Postmate partners include McDonald’s and Chipotle.

Various companies like Uber, Instacart and DoorDash are also eager to set their foot in on a restaurant delivery game. In the fast food industry, the current biggest barrier when it comes to delivery is the cost of delivery. Costs can easily double depending on how much a client is spending on his meal.

But, with these new models for food delivery, which are increasingly in demand, this may no longer be a huge problem, after all. For instance, Amazon Prime Now is currently delivering from selected restaurants in different cities and the business is doing this free of charge.

Fast food chains as well as their entrepreneurial partners can gain a lot from obtaining new delivery options. Hence, they should be on the lookout for different ways to get the food to their clients’ doorsteps in 2016.

Burger King‘s Reliable Weapon in Fast food Price Wars

The war isn’t over yet. In fact, it would never stop, especially in terms of providing top quality offerings and the best price for clients. Burger King is currently bringing back its reliable weapon of attack when it comes to fast food price wars.

The fast food battle is once again bringing good news for many frugal customers. Burger King is slashing its price for chicken nuggets. The burger chain announced earlier that it will be bringing back its previous deal which is the 10-piece chicken nuggets for $1.49. This offer was previously debuted in January and October.

Last week, 10 chicken nuggets cost four times as much as some of the most costly fast food nuggets around which is at $5.89. This deal comes at the right time when a fast food chain is battling it out in order to establish its business as a low-price leader in the fast food industry.

This week, the news broke out that McDonald’s will be offering the McPick 2 which permits clients to choose two of these items for a whopping $2: mozzarella sticks, small fries, McChicken and a McDouble. This offer will start rolling out on January 4. It is expected that it will eventually help kick off an expansive value platform which McDonald’s has been planning for 2016.

Last October, Wendy’s began offering its 4 for $4 meal for a set of four chicken nuggets, a junior bacon cheeseburger, small fries, plus a drink for only $4. This promotion helped in driving solid sales for the fast food chain, which eventually realized store sales increase by 3.1 percent in the third quarter.

As the number of offers starts flooding in, the customers want more for their hard-earned cash. Of course, more quality deals can be expected for every fast food chain who wants to become the leader in this business.

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